Bee problems

Ligonier, PA(Zone 6a)

We have a large bee hive next to our house behind our dwarf yaupon shrub. It is very easy to get to. I have called several bee keepers in our area and they want up to $700.00 for removal.

I can remove the hive and bees myself but I don't know what to do with them after removal. I don't want to kill them.

Any suggestions?

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Ligonier, PA(Zone 6a)

Another photo of them

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Pahrump, NV

Hi There,

Great photos and I wish I had those bees here in my yard....
The beekeepers here on the site should give you some good ideas....

Ligonier, PA(Zone 6a)

I wouldn't mind them if they weren't 10 feet away from our front door and my hubby wasn't allergic to them. I don't want anyone to kill them. I really need to know what to do before it warms up or before they start to swarm.

Forestville, NY

Sunnytx love the pics. At this time of the year there only two thing you can do. You can have the hive destroyed or leave it be till mid to late April when they can be hived. To be honest by the lack of bees in the pics, I have a feeling that the hive is failing or might have already failed. The fact that you get a good pic of the hive is also telling me that the bees didn't build in a good spot and the winter might have took a toll on them. If you want them removed go to and they might help you. To let you know you might not find someone to take them for free because most beekeepers don't want to take a gamble on if they are African honey bees or not, or if the have any diseases.

Ligonier, PA(Zone 6a)

It was very cold outside when I took the picture. On our warmer days there are a lot of bees on the hive and around it. The bees, even when there is an abundance of them, have never bother me when I leaned over and take a closer look at the hive. They fly all around me but never try to sting me.

I was afraid that the bee keepers would be afraid of bringing diseases to their hives and I can understand where they are coming from.

I was hoping that I could remove the hive and put it somewhere else, maybe somehow attach it to a tree.

It would break my heart to have to kill them.

Forestville, NY

As long as thereís a good strong cluster what you can do is place an Ad in your local paper, at all the beekeeping groups and even on Craig list. It is important not to try to find them a new home till the tree start to bud. Most beekeeper I've ever talk to love free bees as long as they are healthy or not so far gone that they can me treated. As far as paying 700 dollar for removal I think thatís outrageous only because they are only going to spray them with bee killer and remove the comb, from the way the pic look it only a 15 min job.(Do the math thats $2,800 an hour) If they take them to be hive in a yard they shouldn't charge, after all you saved them 150 dollars.

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