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I'm trying to figure out what I need for circulation in my 13 x 10 greenhouse. I found this on Charley's and was wondering if anyone had tried it and liked it or hated it. They have it listed as a "Heat Saver" fan since it blows air down from the ceiling. Would it provide enough HAF so that I wouldn't need anything else? Would blowing the air down from the ceiling be a good thing all the time or only during certain seasons? I'd read things that recommend the opposite - pulling air up so I wasn't sure if this was better or not.

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If you are heating the GH, heat rises, so blowing it down would be good. I have a small one on in the spring. Once the days get warm I just take the door off and have the roof vents open. The fan is important when you are heating and it's too cold out to open vents.

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Big Creek, KY

Okay, I am a moron and I forgot to post the link:

Now, what do you think of this?

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Id buy 2 clip on fans for 10.00 each and use them.. its basicly the same thing.. I use a kerosene heater in my home when its colder. I have a small Votrex fan that sits on the floor that I have pointed directly up to the ceiling so it forces warm air down..the clip ons would do the same thing, clip them to where ever, point then upwards and there you go.. you could use one at each end of the green house and save yourself some money for more plants..


Hi Snoggle,
I have had a greenhouse for years and use two 6" fans for air circulation. If you have vents you can pull the air to them or into the greenhouse from them. Also, you can buy a- temp-controlled fan that is easy to install for about the same price.
charley's also sells automatic vent openers that work great.
Good Luck,

Norman, OK


You asked me in a different thread what ventless heater and circulation fan I am using in my greenhouse. I posted an answer last night if you want to check back to that thread.

Here's a link to a fan that is similar to mine. It is located up high and pointed up so it circulates the heat down and throughout the greenhouse and it works very, very well. I think I paid about $125 for mine.

I purchased mine from American Plant Products which is primarily a wholesale company but some products don't have to be purchased in bulk and they will sell to individuals.

Here's a link for one of their fans -- I think it's the one I purchased. The 12" J &D GREEN BREEZE HAF FAN W/CORD

The following link is to their catalog.

If they have something you need and they won't ship just one, let me know. I might be able to get it & send it to you because they have a small retail shop. They know that I have just a hobby greenhouse and have always sold me what I need.

I've also attached an image of a fan that is similar to mine.

I just noticed that the company you linked your fan to also has one like the one in the photo below. This fan is small but powerful and does a wonderful job not only keeping the temp more uniform throughout the greenhouse, but also helping prevent mildew and fungi problems by keeping the air moving.

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