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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I have a Mac. Just recently, the site updated their software, and now I can print their coupons! It was not compatible with the latest Mac operating software before.

I am so excited!

What other coupon sites online do you like?

Wish the search feature was working - you all have probably talked about this before....

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I don't use many coupons these days since I usually buy store brands. They're usually cheaper, even if I had coupons for the name brands. As for groceries, most of what I eat is fruit and veggies and I've never found coupons for those.

I do register with restaurant sites, like Ruby Tuesdays, Ryans, etc. so I get their coupons--often buy one, get one free. Each will send me freebie coupons for my birthday and special coupons throughout the year.

I also like Blue Bunny products, particularly their sugar free ice cream bars. I registered with their site and they frequently send me emails with $1 off coupons. I can print out as many as I want and redeem as many as I have at Walmart at one time.

For cleaning products, cosmetics, and many everyday products, I usually just buy those at Dollar Tree for $1 each, so no coupon necessary. Do you have a $ Tree in OH? They're all over the South. It's always funny when people from out of state walk into a $ Tree and find no price tags on anything. You often hear them ask, "How much is this?" You know immediately they've never been in a $ Tree (where every item is $1, unless it's marked 2 for $1). The whole store will crack up when the visitor asks in disbelief, "EVERYTHING is only $1????" LOL

Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

I am a bit wary of the general coupons websites, as most of them plant cookies or spyware in your computer that you may not want to have. Manufacturer's sites are worth checking as they often have coupons without the strings attached.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Thanks for your replies.

I have registered with many manufacturer sites. That does work well.

Since I have a Mac, I don't have to worry much about spyware etc. I have my browser set to ask me about cookies, and I usually select "this session only" which erases any cookies when the browser is closed.

We use some store brands, but often, if you have a coupon, and only buy when the product is on sale, you can get the name brand for less. For instance, a can of store brand peaches was $1.19 last week. Del Monte, with a coupon and the sale, was 89 cents. I try to plan my meals around what is on sale.

We live about 10 miles from a grocery. So, I run out of fresh veggies and fruit before I go back to the store. I try to go every 2 weeks, and not sooner. So, I do need to keep canned and frozen foods on hand.

Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

daylily_ohio, sounds like you are a smart shopper! We live about 10 miles from the nearest grocery store and 17 miles from the nearest supermarket, so I try to keep a lot in stock and shop only on the monthly "Old Folks' Day" when the supermarket gives a 10% discount to cardholders over 62. One helpful trick I have is a master list of foods and supplies that I want to keep in stock that I made up on the computer. I print a blank right after I shop and have family members use it throughout the month to circle items we are running low on and mark with a "C" anything for which I want to use a coupon. The list is arranged in order of the departments in the supermarket, so I can shop efficiently from the list when I get there.

Milwaukee, WI

I recently read on one of the Coupon sites that they advised
to scan and print out the coupons that are in the Sunday
newspaper. I'm curious to know if anyone out there has tried
this and if so, were the coupons accepted by the grocery

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

sunfarm - impressive system!

Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

Greenwood46, in response to your question about scanning and printing, most coupons say it is illegal to copy or otherwise duplicate them, so I suspect your idea would not be legal. I had a problem one time in using a coupon I had printed from at online source. The cashier said it was a photocopy so could not be used. I had to tell the store manager that I had gotten it online and had used a black and white printer to print it. He was willing to honor it, but it was a bit of a fuss and embarrassment.

Milwaukee, WI

sunfarm: I have used copied coupons taken from a website many many times and I have never been questions about their use. I have used them at all three of our grocery stores down here.

Brimfield, MA(Zone 5a)

To my knowledge, is one of the top FREE coupon sites available. There are other sites that charge you money for free coupons, but if you are truly diligent about using coupons then you need to write to each manufacturer to which you buy their products. There are certain companies which I will share with you that are VERY generous with their coupons in offering free product coupons. As a reminder, you need to write on line to each company and ASK for their coupons... here are a few of which send free product coupons: PEPSI, Earthbound Farms Organic, Thomas's English Muffin (aka BIMBO), President Cheese, Domino Sugar and Monkey Bread. For good value coupons, write to Perdue, Frank's Hotsauce and Heinz Gravy. Speaking of Heinz, when you write, ask for coupons relating to ALL of their products. For you lucky folks like me who get double and triple coupons, the above places are invaluable to big families like mine!! Enjoy!!!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Manufacturers pay a lot of attention on Twitter and Facebook. That's an easy way to contact them if you don't want to use e-mail. They often have giveaways on both. Grocery stores do, too -- I won a $100 gift card to Giant Eagle on Twitter in December! :)

Raeford, NC

Target will accept their coupons and manufacter on same item so sometimes you get it free. If cashier argues get a manager.. They do it here all the time. Also just put in coupons and alot of sites will come up. Never been charged to get coupons, even from the sites of the women you see on tv who are the coupon queens. I have gotten free mag subscriptions and those silicon pans for free.And yes I agree about the printed off coupons. They dont want the black and white they want them in color and that uses so much ink.If I carry my notebook with me and only buy what is on sale and use my coupons I save alot. It is when I do not stick with it I spend to much.I bought picture holders from Wlmt that hold six to a page and put them in a notebook and set it up according to the layout of the grocery store. Found the little coupon holders not big enough. I have a reg size notebook I use. If you are in a town that has the free military paers that are free , they have the coupons that are in sundays paper too. Usually they are in the grocery store or in front of the building. Here it is the Paraglide. lafko06 You got lucky with Heinz I wrote them and asked for coupons They said they normally do not send them out and sent me just a few for .25 off.Could not beleive it as I asked for coupons for their fine products. deanna

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a) is a good site. I've gotten some deals there I didn't see anywhere else. Also, has a TON of coupon pages on just about anything you ever wanted.

Milwaukee, WI

For those of you that are looking for good coupons,
I've been able to purchase coupons of my choice
on ebay. Watch the price and the expiration dates.
I'll buy 20 coupons and sell what I don't want to the
other ladies I work with. just a thought !

Minneapolis, MN(Zone 5a)

You're paying for coupons? Why are you doing that? Doesn't that cancel out any savings from the coupon itself, if you have to pay money for the coupon? I'm just curious.

Milwaukee, WI

Yes you pay for the coupons but when you
divide the cost by the number of coupons
being purchased it usually only costs about
5 or 10 cents. It's still work your while to
purchase the coupons. Then consider if
you sell some to some of your friends, you'll
make up your cost of paying for them.

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