walmart and the daylily place

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

Went to read what the daylily place, or w/e that website thats hard to get around is called, wrote about spunky.
Kinda funny, they are selling stickers that say...Support at walmart. I dont find the saying funny. Been there heard all that in the 60's. Strange on a daylily site. I bet all those walmart employees have a heck of a travel bill, having to fly home to China every night. ;-)

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Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

I think they are trying to say the merchandise is made in China.
Otherwise, hard to figure what you are talking about.

Waynesboro, MS(Zone 8a)

The Daylily Place is Spunky's garden
I could not find that add on their web site.
It must have been on Photo Bucket their Web provider

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

it is I think.
And yes it is difficult to navigate and I have all but given up on the place.

Yes they did have a bumper sticker saying that.
I thought it was made to be sarcastic, not literal?

I guess it depends how you read it, I read it and thought, Isn't that the truth!
It is very sad to think that almost nothing we buy is made in US anymore.
and that means no jobs too unfortunately.

I don't know what it has to do with daylililes, but I guess they sell other things too, crafts, jewelry ect. Yard signs and things.

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

Well I should not have commented on it. Seemed odd on a daylily sight was all.
I have a BIL who argues for the sake of arguing, and this is one of his soapbox issues. Since he shops at walmart, and probably owns some walmart stock, his argument that walmart is putting the USA out of business is so lame. I dont go to walmart, its to far. I just pay double the price at walgreens CVS or the grocery store.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

They pretend to be lower here. But a smart shopper can see through their gimmicks. Sell a couple things very cheap & everything you really need is way higher than other places.
They get people hooked on their place & nobody checks out other stores. They are very sharp as marketeers.
I only go there as a last resort. Maybe couple times a year.
We used to have K-marts around here & they ran all but one out of business. It's in a town we very seldom go to.
I was shopping for an item around Christmas time. I found it & lowest price at Shopko.

I wish you people would link to these sites.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Your Spunk's garden gets us to a thread right here on DG.

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

I go to walmart because we are an hour away from anything else really, and not alot of choice.
I do agree they are not always cheapest, that is for sure. But seems they kind of have a monopoly going.
we used to have a Kmart but they went out of business. We do have a Lowe's now, so that helps for some things.
I used to drive an hour to do alot of my shopping but with gas so high and not working full hours, I rarely go out of town. I live right next to WM.
Wish we had a target. To be honest though, none of them are different than WM. Everything still says 'made in China' or wherever...

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

WalMart used to have a "Made In America" policy, but that was dropped awhile ago. It started to be too expensive for them. One of the problems is that we as Americans say we want to buy things made here, but only if they don't cost too much. We can't have it both ways.

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

There you go.

I didnt mean to get spunky, or the name of his garden mixed up in this. I had gone to the other web site to read about Fred, when I saw the above sticker. The two are unrelated topics.

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

I agree there. You can't afford blue jeans for 50 bucks a pair, but then who wants to make them for nothing? it is a vicious cycle and then when you add that company's can move overseas and pay someone next to nothing, they can make a ton of profit to line their own pockets, while keeping prices here 'affordable'. Of course the quality of products seems to be always going down hill... There just isn't a good solution it seems.

Montgomery, TX(Zone 9a)

You be the judge, watch the movie and you decide.
Here's what Wikipedia has to say:

Nantucket, MA(Zone 7a)

Pretty soon you will only have Walmart. Sad, unless you like to buy half dead and diseased plants. Buy local...only $13.00 to $15.00 dollars you spend at Walmart stay in your community while $40.00 to $45.00 spent at a local store stays in you hometown. They are putting massive strain on your tax base, while sending all their profits out of town and overseas. Plus they are depressing the wages of the entire work force in our country. Saving a few bucks to ruin your town, is sad, not worth it, plus they are just ugly. I agree that they seem cheaper, but in the long run they will cost you money.

Off my soap box. I do love daylilies. These photo's were taken at a nice independent grower in Vt last summer. I have bought from them for years. Third, almost forth generation, growers. Young Quinn, is now towering over everyone and working the fields with his dad and mom. These are the ones I added last year from them. Others are ones I have from years past or want. About half and half. Patti

Brindlee Beauty
Carousel Princess
Designer Gown
Fairy's Petticoat
Frosted Creme
Gypsy Ballerina
Heavenly Harp
Mystical Rainbow
Purple Haze
Royal Fireworks
Velvet Shadows
Wink and Smile

Thumbnail by bbrookrd
Nantucket, MA(Zone 7a)

More DL's from OLALLIE Daylily Farm 2009 South Newfane Vt

Thumbnail by bbrookrd
Nantucket, MA(Zone 7a)

yet more. Patti

Thumbnail by bbrookrd
Nantucket, MA(Zone 7a)

last one, I think, Patti

Thumbnail by bbrookrd
Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Finally, somebody else that is not in love with Wal Mart!
I wouldn't buy plants at Wal Mart if they were the only place to buy them.
Go to a Dave's Garden Round Up. You get good plants for nothing from your friends on Dave's. You know those plants are good.
One year a person attending Iowa Round Up was moving to an apartment. Fellow DG'ers went to his house & helped dig up plants. He brought them to the Round Up & said have at them. I & many others got 40 some varieties of day lilies each. What fun! He wanted nothing in return.
Most Round Up's I have been to have incredible amounts of plants to swap.
This picture is some of the day lilies.

Thumbnail by CountryGardens
springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

as far as I know there has never been a RU near me.
I would love for one though.
I do buy plants at WM but not many. I order mostly from catalog and buy most of my trees at Lowes or Sutherlands.
I never buy trees at WM, they are too puny. Our local nursery wants a fortune for a tree, and does not guarantee them.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

There is a fall RU & a spring RU in the Kansas City area.

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

KC is at best 4 hours from me. That is too far for me to drive!
The closest city to me is Springfield. That is one hour from here.

Kalama, WA(Zone 8b)

Wow Bernie, Beautiful picture. That was a win win for everyone wasn't it? If I couldn't keep my plants for one reason or another, I'd want them to go to someone who would really appreciate them too. A DG RU would be the perfect place to find those appreciative folks.

I'm not thrilled with Walmart either. Not just for their plants, but for buying anything there. And I agree that they're not always the cheapest. Unfortunately, there are a few things we use that I can no longer find anywhere else. So I do shop there occasionally, but I spend as little money there as I have to. There are some things I will never buy there no matter what it may cost to buy it elsewhere. Every phone and small appliance I've bought at Walmart in the past has been garbage from the beginning. So I won't buy electronics or small appliances from them anymore. I refuse to buy toys for my grandkids there, after reading about the lead and other dangerous stuff that were found in their toys. They're just not trustworthy anymore and they have the worse customer service policies. (IMHO)
I feel very bad for those of you who no longer have the choice to shop anywhere else. It probably won't be long and it will be that way everywhere! There are two new Walmart super centers being built within a 20 mile radius of me. So it's probably just a matter of time here too. :-(


Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

I think well over half the plants in my yard have come by way of RU.
This is part of what was offered at Iowa last May.

Thumbnail by CountryGardens
Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

I would like to mention about Walmart also is that a lot of their Easter and Halloween candy comes from China. Please read the labels carefully. I surely wouldn't want to give children candy from China. You just don't know what may be in it.

Cut Bank, MT(Zone 3a)

No matter the cost I buy American made if I can. We are being sold out to the Chinese. WM used to sell AM. but no more. We are left with inferior and dangerous products and loss of jobs. So many Mom & Pop businesses have shut the doors forever because of it and more to come. It makes me ill to think of the hard work and years of toil put into them only to have this happen.

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

Usually for candy and holidays I make my own stuff instead of buying the food color laden 'candy' at the store anyway. Much better for you and that is the kind of homemade goodies kiddos remember when they grow up.
I mean I remember grandma's house for the homemade breads and her yummy gravy and those cakes she made at Easter that had the coconut on them!

Clearfield, PA(Zone 5a)

Wal-mart owns Lowes. Didn't anyone know that? Also Big Lots.

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Hi, Bernie
I haven't heard from you in quite a while. I hope you and the Mrs is doing well. Yes Round Ups are so fun.
Here is a good link on buying American products. I try to find local items also to support our local economy. and

Monroe City, MO(Zone 6a)

Good Morning!~

Very interesting reading here this morning!! think winter boredom is in full swing!

I did a little research at the BBBureau website and checked with a few other places.....( I just love Lowe's!!)....

Walmart does not own Lowes...they own Sam's stores and Big Lots. One of the Walton is a major stockholder in Lowe's. That's where people are getting this rumor from.

Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

I had not read the above...but you are does not own Lowes!

I would never buy candy from anywhere but hersheys or made in the matter if it was the grocery store or walmart.

As far as china...they own us. If you get a check of any kind from the government., its china and japan following right behind...that the cash is coming from. Health care...China.. Social Security...China. We have no cash....all these goverenment freebies are SOOOO far from free. Glad I wont be alive to see this when it comes to a head. Doom is not immennent, however, eventually, the piper always has to get paid.

As far as walmart, most retirement funds are full of walmart. stock Not individuals, funds...say if you have a retirement income or pension coming in, you can be just about assured that walmart is in...or certainly has been, in any of those big funds. They keep your money coming. They are an american company hiring american employees. They pay as much as the hospital or university for the same type of position and they have health benifits. Whats so horrible about that for america. Its not our...the customers fault, that business have been taxed out of the US. I guess Im going to have to go to a walmart to see what all the hub bub is about. Dont they carry the same stuff as kmart and target Home depot and lowes...etc.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

If you lived in upper midwest you would have a Menards. Home Depot & Lowes can't hold a candle to Menards. The one in Mankato is the busiest one there is.
Always great products & great prices. Manager & some employees have been at this store forever.
They are just going through an upgrade of the store. They added a covered garden center. About twice as big as the ones on Home Depot & Lowes. Also doubled the outdoor lumber area last fall.
I buy most of my cabinet plywood at Menards. The others don't have the selection or quality of Menards.
At Menards, anytime something goes on sale, you can go back a couple weeks & if you bought that item, they give you a refund to the sale price.
We added on to our house last fall. All materials came from Menards.

Clearfield, PA(Zone 5a)

If Walmart doesn't own Lowe's then why do the walmart trucks unload their trucks at Lowe's?

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

I've never seen a walmart truck unloading at a Lowes.
I looked up on Snopes and Walmart does not own Lowes or have any affiliation with them financially.

Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

I shop at all these places except Home Depot, I don't care for it. I LOVE Lowes and Tractor Supply!!

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

I shop at both Lowes and Home Depot occasionally. HD has a great equipment rental department. I could not have put in the two beds I did last year without that capability. Lowes does not have anything like it. Nor do any of the other, Garden Center stores in the vicinity. They each have things I like better about one than the other though. In my area, Lowes seems to have better soil amendments available at better prices than HD. It will also sell me broken bags at 1/2 price, which the local HD will not. (That however, seems to be a store manager decision, as a HD farther away will sell broken bags at 1/2 price [shrug].)

edited for clarity.

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