Winter Sow Container Question

Westborough, MA(Zone 5b)

I'm new to the whole winter sowing thing and am making my first attempt this winter. I've put out several milk jugs and 2 liter ginger ale bottles but recently found some 6.5 quart clear plastic shoebox containers for .25 ea at home depot. I planted in a few of those and am considering trying the same thing, but instead of putting the soil directly in the plastic "shoe-box", I would use 7 oz. plastic cups with drainage holes in the bottom. They are 3 inches wide and about 5" deep--8 cups would fit in one of the plastic boxes. My reasoning is that it will be easier to transplant when the time comes.

My question is: Do you think that setup would work well--i.e. would those cups be too small?

Thanks for any help!

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

I think that set-up would work great for now - March - but not for December, January and February when you really want that little itty-bitty greenhouse for the seeds/sprouts. It would probably be great for hardy veggies and hardy annuals. When those suckers start growing they will be too tall to fit in under your lid, of course, but you hope by then it will be warm enough to leave them w/out a lid. Don't forget your 4" of soil!

I want clear plastic shoe boxes for $00.25 - was that recently?

Westborough, MA(Zone 5b)

Last week and I picked up a few more today. They were in the organization isle of Home Depot and listed for 0.99/each, but they rang up as a .25 =). I used 2 of the box parts to create the container--drilled holes in both and put soil in one, and then taped the other on top, so once they sprout there will be about 5-6 inches of head space for the little guys.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Hmmmm. Tap tap tap ... thinking of my closet!

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