training plants for large flowers.

Norfolk, VA

is there any way i can train my plants to produce huge flowers?

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

You can amend the soil to encourage a plant to produce abundant flowers and you can place the shrub in a location where the sunlight encourages it to produce lots of flower buds but you cannot make the plant produce "huge" flowers. That is a genetic trait. What did you have in mind?

Norfolk, VA

i could prune the plant and restrict the growth to fewer stems than to have many stems and larger flowers.

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

You can try but a plant with fewer stems will just produce fewer buds, even if the stems are full of buds. I have not observed noticeable size increases in my mums when I have pruned lots of stems that broke off or that my dogs stomped on while trying to catch squirrels. The idea has some merit though. With camellias for example, you can increase flower size when you cut the number of flower buds (not the stems) or when you apply gibberellic acid on the camellia buds. But foliar applications of Gibberellic acid in soft-tissue of mums only increase mums' height by stretching the distance between leaves.

Parma, OH(Zone 5b)

Try this website. The flowers have to have the

genetics to produce large blooms. You aid them by pinching, disbudding and de-branching. Good Luck.

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