March 2010 journal

Waddy, KY

I figure since Kathleen is dealing with her two new knees that I'd start the March journal since it's already a week gone.

We've finally seen some dry, slightly warmer weather. It's supposed to be in the 50's this weekend of which I'm most greatful. I need to trim out the blackberries, mow off the daylily patch and cut off all the ornamental grasses. Hopefully I'll also get some straw down on some strawberries. If it would possibly stay dry for another week I think we could plant garden. It's time for the peas and lettuce to be in the ground.

DH had a horrible day today. He's had the AC 175 down at the local shop cautiously letting them do some work on it and they finally said it was ready to come home. He took the flat bed grain truck down there instead of dragging the semi and trailer, thinking to save a little gas. When they were trying to load it I guess they actually had it picked up and was going to place it on the truck. I'm a little fuzzy on the particulars and DH was in no condition to calmly discuss it this evening, but he told the man to put the tractor down so he could situate the truck a little better and the idiot dropped the front end of the tractor from 6 ft. off the ground. Nose first. Bent a bunch of stuff. DH was so upset when he got home. He got it unloaded and it ran to get to the shop but he's terrified that all the metal and bolts have been stressed so that when the tractor gets stressed while in the field that major problems are in the making. Sometimes you just can't win....


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