Which bush-type watermelon is best?

Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

I am looking for a variety of bush watermelon that has the best flavor. Preferably red-fleshed.Any ideas or opinions? Days to maturity?

Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

Tell you the truth Burpee's has the best seed. I've grown them and have been pleased compared to others. There aren't that many varieties besides Sangria as far as I know but I could be mistaken? I prefer the full size for best flavor.

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

There are very few Bush cultivars of watermelon. Easiest to find is the Bush Sugar Baby. The others that I am aware of are : Bush Baby, Sugar Bush, Bush Snakeskin, Bush Jubilee, Bush Charleston Grey, Bush Desert King (this one is yellow fleshed). These all have short stubby vines that are about three feet in lenght. Some of the icebox melons will have smaller vines in the six foot range. Sangria is a full size melon with full size vines. (8-10 feet) Days to maturity is similar to thier full vine counterparts.

Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

My mistake! I confused it with snakeskin. In your opinion Farmerdill which is the best tasting?

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Plant, I don't do Bush watermelons very often. The Bush Sugar Baby tastes pretty good and is relatively easier to find. The best red fleshed melons for eating in my opinion are the Crimson Sweet and its derivatives followed closely by its sister the Allsweet and its derivatives. Sangria is a hybrid Allsweet type. I like Mickylee better than Sugar Baby for an ice box melon, but it is not available in bush form. Bush watermelons have never caught on altho a dozen or so have been introduced over the years.

Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

They charge $3.99 per bush melon here! Crimson Sweet is one of my favorites. Hope I have the good luck with them this season as I had last season? I'm limited now to four EBs for my growing as I gave most my EBs to Flip. I just had to cut back because of my health but I'm still in the game but it is a challenge now picking only four of the best. Mickeylee is a keeper for me thanks to your reco years ago.

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