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saint pat's day dinner?

Plano, TX

so--what are your dinner plans for the big day? corned beef and cabbage? i thought i would buy corned beef sliced from the deli but couldn't help but buy the brisket (actually i got the round this year--not sure what the difference will be in the taste) potatoes, carrots and cabbage--am going to make colecannon to go with it---

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

I'm putting our last fresh green cabbage from the garden in a crock pot tomorrow a.m. along with a corned beef brisket, carrots, and potatoes. I cook it all day in apple juice with the brisket's spice packet added. The meat flavor really mellows with the apple juice. Dinner will be ready when I get home from work. Yummers!

Plano, TX

interesting about the apple juice--i plan to use the crock pot too--only i think we are going to wait till friday for the dinner--
i had heard of cooking it in beer too --
enjoy your dinner and happy st pat's tomorrow!

Plano, TX

i am cooking my corned beef/potatos/onion/carrots in the apple juice now--i googled apple juice and corned beef and found recipes that used the apple juice with brown sugar--i don't want that much sweet flavoring so just followed your idea--will add the cabbage later--
do you make colcannon? if so -can i make it with the cabbage and potatoes i cook with the corned beef? it seems to make sense to me but when i look at the recipes none of them use the potatoes from the corned beef combo--

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

I have never made colcannon but have always wanted to. I hope you loved your meat cooked this way. It is a family favorite with us. I never had felt the need to add the sugar either.

Plano, TX

yes i was very pleased with it! we had it for dinner last night-- i am also very fond of the corned beef "round" that i tried for the first time--MUCH leaner--i think some might not like it that lean if they are used to the more fatty bisket- but it looks picture perfect and is all meat! costs a little more but slices so nice and just healthier

i did make my colecannon from the potatoes -carrots and cabbage cooked with the meat--i added some bacon--the colecannon was really good and we just had it again for breakfast--comfort food is what i would call it--when i cooked it this morning i added a little chopped corned beef
my only problem with the whole thing was that i chose too small of a corned beef and not enough left overs!
thanks again for the apple juice idea--and if anyone else is thinking of trying it i agree with annie--do not add the sugar -apple juice is sweet enough!

Nurmo, Finland(Zone 4b)

Being first generation Anglo Irish I was fascinated by this thread! You might find interesting. My Mum regarded corned beef as only fit for sandwiches. "Irish Stew" was traditionally made with mutton; but that's pretty nearly unobtainable nowadays; so we settled for lamb. It's fascinating how emigrants to North America - Irish, Jewish, Italian, Polish, etc. - adapted their native cuisine to a different climate, ingredients and culture. The difference is sometimes superior to the original, and sometimes not.

PS On preview the last word of the link 'Recipes' has been truncated.


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