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Spring Pond Start up

Richmond, VA(Zone 7a)

Hi all - We have gone through our first winter with our pond and all of my fish survived and look fine but the pond itself looks gunky. I have just bought a vac from Fosters & Smith and am waiting for it to arrive but I wanted to ask a couple of questions.

First, our water is clear but of course it looks yucky b/c everything is covered in algae. I have just started feeding the fish again so I know the water will start changing. Should I start checking the pH now and making adjustments or wait a little longer. I use white vinegar to adjust the pH. I know once I use the vac, everything will be stirred up. I also need to get the plants I sunk back up. Not sure if they survived or not.

I guess I just need to know what do I need to do first.

Thanks so much!!

Athens, PA

Hey Jeanine

How big is your pond and what kind of pumps do you have? Do you have a uv light? Also, what is your water temperature? How many fish do you have and are they koi or goldfish? Please give us more information on your set up.

Richmond, VA(Zone 7a)

OK, our pond is a 9' x 13' lined pond. We have a pump that sits in the deepest part and the tubing runs up the side and out of the pond and is buried all the way around the pond and up to the waterfall. No UV lights - we use the waterfall as a bio filter. When I checked last week, the water temp was about 50 so I started feeding the fish (koi).

Hope this helps. Thanks so much!!


Athens, PA

Are you putting any bacteria or enzymes into your pond? I know we typically start up with a murky green pond every spring. We hook up the pumps, uv lights and start putting in the bacteria and enzymes. It takes a little bit to get things circulated enough to take care of all the winter crud that has been left in the pond. I know my DH has been hosing off the filters twice daily. He is gaining on it as it seems to be less and less. Yesterday the sun was finally out and we could see we were slowly clearing up. We also vacuum in the spring and the fall.

How many gallons per hour does your pump handle?

Virginia Beach, VA

DH started our pond few days ago and cleaned the filters. We have 2 thick filters in the waterfall and I know he cleaned filters few times on the ist day and several more times there after, Now it is clear. First you have to remove all the dead debris. We have a netted pond and so we do not get any leaves during fall. Happy ponding!!!. Belle

Richmond, VA(Zone 7a)

Thanks all. With the exception of the algae growing along the liner, etc. the water is clear I do have some enzyme stuff so I'll add some of that this weekend and check the pH. There is no way we can clean out the water fall without taking it completely apart which is something our pond guy we only need to do every 3 years. It's a bio-filter that has at least 200 lbs of pea gravel in it. The water comes up from the bottom, thru filter sheets and then thru the rocks over the falls. I have plants growing in the bio-filter to help with the filtering. Like I said, the water stayed clear all winter long and the fish and frongs are all still alive.

Thanks again for the tips!

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