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Hey, Ya'll!

Paul James built this neat compost bin and I'd like to build one just like it but, I can't find these corner fence posts.

Can someone tell me what the official GOOGLE name would be, and where I might get these from?

Also, I'd like to use the same concept to form a short wall around my concrete pad to hide my eBuckets. Can these posts be cut to height? DH is a welder, so if I can't buy them at the 36-48" height I need, he could cut them with the torch.


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At a hundred bucks for 4 posts, I'd say that you need to show the pictures to DH and see if he can fabricate them.
Good luck!

San Antonio, TX(Zone 8b)

Contact a company that rehabs old houses. Older wood is more likely to have leached out the preservatives that lumber companies use. In our area a brush pickup every six months gathers replaced wooden fencing and posts, and people often collect what they need ahead of the refuse trucks. Also, Habitat for Humanity's REstore carries excess building materials at very reasonable cost.

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