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Will they be safe tonight?

Floyd, VA(Zone 6b)

I am sowing under lights right now. We had about 90 days of snow cover well before it
was time to put the jugs out. I wasn't able to get any outside, but the weather is warming
up and the snow is gone. I am going to do several jugs but not like last year (140 types
of perennials.) There were a lot I never got into the ground.

Question. I have a trunk full of perennials from a greenhouse. The temps will get down
to 32 degrees about 7:00 am for an hour or so. I have put a gallon+ of very hot water in
the trunk in the middle of them. I think they will be OK considering how briefly it will be
freezing. What do you think?

Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

Hi gloriag,
Considering that your plants are inside your car's trunk and you have a water-container of hot water in with them, I would think that they'd be fine for an hour of 32 F..
Actually, now that I look at the date of your post (2 days ago) you probably know the result already! Did everything come through OK?

Floyd, VA(Zone 6b)

Yes, they made it. Now they are under a sloping shelter and have to make it
on their own unless we get frost. If that happens, I will put remay over them; it
gives 4 degrees of protection. Thanks for the advice though.

This morning was wonderful. I went around to black plastic pots to see if any
perennial seedlings survived the winter and many of them did. In addition, I am putting seeds in those deep plastic cells so they can germinate soon. I am
just nuts about seedlings and germination. At least I have met some fellow
garden obsessives here. This year I am determined to grow delphiniums and oriental poppies to bloom next year. I fail regularly on them.

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