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Beekeeping museum in Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania

Hello, dear friends nature lovers...
Beautiful nature surrounding are anywhere where a man did not introduce. In ancient times our world was much more beautiful that it is nowadays and thanks God there are still some places left where the beauty of past is still preserved and exposed as an incredible open air museums.
In Lithuania there are several such places:
Firs of all, a beekeeping museum or an authentic entire ancient village these museums are sightseeing places beloved by those who prefer past rather than present, wild nature rather than civilized world and travel!
Lets share some similar places that are available in all over the world.

Thumbnail by way2beekeeping
Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Thanks very much for your interesting links.
I was hoping to join you in adding links to the museums here in France, but unfortunately none have text in English. I shall continue my hunt, but meanwhile, thanks again for posting your links and starting this thread.

Stewart, TN

I so much enjoyed the pictures of the Lithuanian beekeeping museum, and posted it to my Facebook page. Here in Middle Tennessee in the US we just had a beekeeping demonstration at our county fair, and the honey extractor looked exactly like the one in the museum!

I am going to try to post here a link to our Cheekwood garden at nearby Nashville and hope I do it correctly.

Did that work?

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