Help ID these weeds

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Not sure if this is the right Forum, but these certainly SEEM invasive. I looked but there is no "Weed" Forum....

My daughter rents a house and in the front of it is a bed that has not been kept for years.
She wants to dig it up and plant some tomatoes and peppers, ect.

She got down to removing the old weed-block fabric and is now faced with these tough, stringy roots--EVERYWHERE!
She is not a gardener like i am, but I thought i would turn to good old DG for some answers.

Here is a piece of one of the runners that was just under the weed barrier at he edge of the bed. Looks full of energy to me!
In her caption (not sure if it will show on the picture) she said it grew leaves the next day.

Thumbnail by Gitagal
Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Here is another piece of this runner.....With leaves...

Thumbnail by Gitagal
Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

And here is an area with these roots that was killed last year with Roundup.

Looks like an immense job ahead to tackle these.
Any suggestions as to what to do to get rid of these would be welcome.

Thank you--Gita

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We need to be very careful mentioning Round Up. There are now several kinds. Depending on one's trust using posions they may or may not be acceptable use items. I have used it in my fence rows and flower beds and driveway but never in my gardens where I was growing food.

Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

In your second photo I can see that the plant has square stems with opposed leaves, alternating back and forth between the two sets of opposite sides of the stem. is something in the mint family, though not necessarily in the Mentha genus. My best guess from the photo is that it is either Glechoma hederacea, better known as Creeping Charlie or Ground Ivy ,or it is Lamium purpureum (Purple Dead Nettle). If not, then it is likely a mint. In any case, little bits of stem or root left in the ground will produce more.

Fragrance would help in its identification. If it is one of the mints it will have a characteristic smell. Ground Ivy has a “sort of” minty smell. If it has little or no minty fragrance it is probably Purple Dead Nettle which, now that I think of it, is a likely suspect as it is vigorous locally this time of the spring, rushing to bloom in April. Let a piece grow in a pot until it blooms. Both Ground Ivy and Purple Dead Nettle will bloom in a few weeks. Purple Dead Nettle will have a terminal flower spike, and Ground Ivy will have individual booms in the leaf axils.

Despite reassurances from Monsanto, I would be hesitant to use Round Up where I would be planting food crops immediately afterward. Try pulling and digging as much as is practical now. Plant the tomatoes and peppers and keep pulling new sprouts. In late summer/early fall when production wanes, let the rascal flourish to get good growth and nail it with your Round Up when the plants are storing to the roots for the winter.

somewhere, PA

I guess you all must know that almost all our corn,soy & wheat is grown with
a lot of round-up? So unless you are scrupulously eating only organic
products, you are probably eating crops drenched in the stuff.


Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Well--To update you all----

Seems this bed was totally infested with Mint....

My daughter dug and pulled and, I believe, used some Round Up as well.

The owner of the hose they rent came and tilled the whole bed...

I gave my daughter a bunch of Tomatoes and bought her all the red,green,yellow peppers to plant....
She got seeds for Bush beans.

Went over there 2 days ago--and I was totally amazed how everything was growing.......Compared to my Tomatoes (which look puny)--hers were large and robust and full of blooms.

She had already been harvesting her Bush beans and eating them.....Planted a second batch. in a few days--they were 4" tall!

I have NO idea how all this stuff can grow so well---except that there has been NOTHING in this full sun bed for eons....except a statue of the Blessed Mary and Mint....

I did tell her to buy a couple of bags of Humus/manure at HD. She got 2 bags and mixed it all in.
This bed is pretty large--maybe 6"x10".....
All I can say is that he soil in it must have been pretty good and "unused" for a long time....

I am so happy for her--as this is her first time trying to grow anything.....Nothing like a success story!!!
They have never rented a "home"--always just apartments....I think they really love the "homey" feel--back yard and all....She is 45......her husband is 51. Way to go!!!!!



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