Relocating bulbs

Kimmell, IN

When I first moved to my house (about 6 years ago) I got excited about making a garden. There was no garden currently, so I worked up a spot in the front yard (the only place big enough) and tried to have a little garden. Much to my dismay my job took so much of my time that I did not have time to take care of the garden. By fall I hadn't given up hope (surely next year would be better) and went ahead and planted crocus, tulips, and daffodils at one end of the garden. After a job change and a family tragedy, I gave up the garden all together and last spring started to mow it after the bulbs' foliage had died back down. This year the bulbs are coming up great but I would really like to move them to a different location. Problem is that I was going to do this last fall and because I was mowing the area I couldn't come up with a way to mark exactly where the bulbs are and I really didn't want to excavate the whole yard looking for them. Is there a way to mark the spot the bulbs are at and still mow over them or can the bulbs be moved after they bloom while the foliage is still there to mark the spot?

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