buying blinds on line

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

After 8.5 yrs... i think it is finally time to get some blinds in my dining room.

currently ... i have cheap curtains made out of sheets on tension rods.... enough is enough.

I'd like those Top down Bottom Up ones. It's southern exposure, but i'm the end house [not a corner] but anyone driving up the street has a clear view if the curtains are down -- i remove them so my plants get some sun light.

Any of you that have window treatments... have you had good luck ordering on line?

We did that with all our other blinds and had so-so luck... they were the faux wood ones. and i didnt think i'd do it again, but for the price, it does seem a bit cheaper.

Where did you order from, or get your blinds from ?

My kitchen window is opposite the HUGE tv in the family room... so i want a 'room darkening' one there... it's only 34x47 ... where it i ordered from say Pennys... that would be a custom size... MUCH more money.

any input would be great.


central, NJ(Zone 6b)

I've ordered from here a lot.

JCP is always a great bet with their sales, you know they are always quality products.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

thanks Jen -- I was browsing a few sites and thought they were a tad costly, until i browsed Home Depot. Holy Cow are blinds expensive.

I was looking at JCP's site, and for the Top Down Bottom UP ones, they got terrible reviews -- that there were cheap and fell apart. not something i'd try.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Jen -- I checked out your link... and while their prices seem great... they dont have my size.

my DR windows are 70" long... where theirs [TopDown BottomUP] only go to 64" and i have 2 windows that are 22" wide... those start at 23".

Maybe if i can find the right sizes, i may have to settle on something else.

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

tcs, I have layered my sheers, a half panel on the bottom of my windows to block views from passing neighbors, then full length. I pull them aside for letting light in, but can drop them back down to block bright light. A layer of curtains could be added if you need more privacy.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

thanks Cathy....

Lakeville, PA

I have two long 74 windows in our living room and finding curtains for my windows were a pain. Have you tried swags galore? I found them a few months back and they have great prices and nice products. I got some sheer curtains from there and was happy with quality.

4558, Australia

Curtains and blinds are good for privacy but you have plants in your room and required sun light you can choose best awnings for your room

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Holy cow.... just noticed this thread was started 4 yrs ago, and I have yet to do anything [yes, i'm such a shlub] ... Though in the mean time, we've decided to move to FLA !! too funny... so my house will be sold with whatever is currently hanging in the windows.

~~inspired, my DR is where I have all my hanging plants -- that is the one reason why I havent really done anything, as they do get a lot of sunlight where they are and with what I have.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

haha tcs! I share much schlubness when it comes to home decor!
I went looking for roll up vinyl shades and the sizes are too limited, and some stores don't even have them anymore, Target didn't and I sent DH to Walmart and he said they didn't either (although he is shopping-impaired...)
And I'd like to update the four bedroom windows that are going into their sixth year with cheap skinny white vinyl miniblinds. What's in style these days?.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Uggg... i never keep up with what's in style or fashion.

I prefer to see out my windows instead of having them covered... but then again, if your neighbors house is so close... you need coverings.

My next home has the majority of the windows facing a court yard. and the family room windows face a nature preserve... so no back neighbors. There are vertical blinds on the back [family room] windows with a valance. We will probably leave them. ~~ So i wont have to replace or buy any. YAY.

Ligonier, PA(Zone 6a)

I have always bought my blinds here and I love their quaility.

Golden Beach, FL

I've been looking everywhere for those blinds. All the places I went to offered me to customize them. That was super expensive. I went online and I found this company who makes ready made zebra blind.That can simply fit all the windows in your house if you hanging the blinds outside the mount.

I purchased five of these shades for my front bedroom. I have been looking for shades that provide light and privacy. They fit the bill perfectly. The shades are very attractive and were very easy to install. I am so very pleased with these shades Im on line again to buy a third shade for my other bedroom.

They have a summer promotion now(25%-50% off ), so you can even enjoy extra discount in addition to the low price.

You should check it out at

I paid only $295 for five blinds. All the other vendors gave me ridiculous quote. All of them were over the $750

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Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Just a thought, In 32 years I never installed a blind outside of window. Mainly because clients would want a topper or other fabric design over top of blind to hide headrail which then would have to stick out very far in order to cover headrail of blind.

I bought from 3 mfgs. and one being Vista Products which I hear are available from Lowe's now and can be ordered in custom sizes. I could do a whole house for $750. Just all depends on quality and type of blind ordered. I also serviced what I sold way down the road when cord or component problems arise if at all. They usually carry a guarantee from mfg. I was my clients best guarantee. I stood behind what I sold.

Bonnie D.

Melbourne, Australia

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Mumbai, India

if you really want to buy from huge variety of blinds and at affordable price you can checkout for decowindow.I had got some blinds previously this year .they were really nice and awesome.You can also got that from

Melbourne, Australia

If you need some outstanding awnings for window to give a beautiful look to your home from outside you can also check :

Sydney, Australia

Well yeah, you do need room darkening blinds for the window opposite your television so the glare won't affect your TV time. If so, I would recommend checking this collection out:

They have a wide variety so you can choose from different types. Now, since you have plants which I assume are indoors, I would recommend maybe motorised blinds for that area so you won't have to manually pull up and down every time you want to give your greens some Vitamin D.

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