Looking for Sprouting gear

Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

Seems someone was looking for equipment to sprout seeds.... Well, I just found this site:


Hammonton, NJ(Zone 6b)

Here is another source.....The Burpee Company:


I bought the #1 item shown, the three tier sprouter. It works really well for me. Just carefully follow instructions given with the sprouter for really good results.

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Nurmo, Finland(Zone 4b)

I use an old jam jar with a few holes punched in the lid. Works fine for me.

Oshawa, Canada

I use wide mouth pint mason jars with the 2 piece lids.
I use a piece of plastic screen cut the same size as the flat part of the lid instead of the solid flat part.

Rinsing and draining is easy and the screen lasts for about 4 months before I have to replace it.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

I use a 'Fresh Sprouts' cannister that I bought at a garage sale. The canister contains 3 chambers for sprouting different seeds, and the bottom chamber is for water collection, making the act of sprouting seeds hassle-free. I simply sprinkle some seeds onto the trays, label each lot of seeds, add water with a couple of drops of bleach in it, put in a warm place and watch the seeds sprout. As soon as they sprout, I put them in CLEAR Dixie cups to continue developing.

the Mountains, CO(Zone 4a)

I use good ol' soil and spray with h202 (food grade peroxide) diluted oxygenated water to keep down on any possible mold growth. It is my theory that soil provides important nutrients to sprouts and makes them healthier.

Mexico City, Mexico

I use my french press, works great. I leave it sitting upside down so it is always draining. (I do have a tray system somewhere that was my Dads, butit is packed in a box somewhere.)

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