AKA's of some annuals

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Thought it would be fun to share some info and please add if you know some. Here's some to start

Salpiglossis, aka Painted Tongue, Velvet Flower

Agrostemma, aka Corn Cockles

Anagallis, aka scarlet or red pimpernel, red chickweed, poorman's barometer, shepherd's weather glass or shepherd's clock

Anchusa, aka Bugloss, Alkanet, Summer Forget-Me-Not

Asclepias, aka Milkweed, Butterfly flower, Silkweed, Silky Swallow-wort, Virginia Silkweed

Bacopa, aka Water Hyssop

Godetia, aka Satin Flower, Silk Flower or Clarkia

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(Daniel) Mount Orab, OH(Zone 6b)

Wait, I thought that Summer Forget-me-nots were the same as Chinese Forget-me-nots. Common names are soo variable, lol.
Thanks Joanna! That's like an abbreviated annual PF right there!!


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