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I Need Help or directions for hooking pump and filter.

Winnsboro, TX

Ok I know I'm a dummy but I'm going to ask for some help here. I have an old swimming pool pump I'd like to hook up to a Tetra Pond filter. The Tetra Pond filter looks like it would hold about 10 gallons of water.It looks like a 10 gallon water cooler. It has a large spout at the bottom and a large spout at the top that has what I assume is a smaller spout attached to it for ???? a fountain head somewhere in the pond or some other kind of water feature. Anyway this thing is full of the little green things to filter the water and so forth. Both the swimming pool pump and the Tetra Filter were given to me by two different people. LOL So neither one of them could tell me how to hook them together and I have no paper work to show me how. I've logged onto the Tetra Pond site and all it shows is the filters and nothing about how to use them. ????

My problems is that I have a fairly large Koi pond full of large Koi. For the last year all I have used is a sump pump to pump the water to the top of the waterfall and back into the pond. As you can all imagine the pond is very murkey. I just spent $80 on chemicals to clear up the water. I started with algecide remover, water clarifer, and so forth. It helped a little but nothing to write home about. Another thing, I don't know if this Tetra Filter is suppose to be in the pond or on the outside. I don't really care as long as someone can tell me how to hook it up and get some good results out of it.

Thanks in advance for any and all help, suggestions, and so forth.

Best Regards, Marian

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

well does it have a number or something on it? Maybe if you know the model you can get a booklet for it?
I am pretty dumb about these kind of things too.

Winnsboro, TX

lolFrilly Lilly. Nope I can't find a number or anything on it. Maybe someone else will know. Thanks for getting back with me. I may just try hooking it up anyway I can. lol

Winnsboro, TX

Ok, got it figured out, hooked up and running. Now we'll see if it does any good. I'm crossing my fingers that it helps alot and is not just a PITB.

I'm off to see if I can find someone with some water plants to help cover some of the water surface.
Happy Ponding,

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