Strawberries: how to freeze?

Phoenix, AZ

OK, here's the ringer in this question: I want to freeze the berries withOUT sugar. There's a diabetic in the house so the loads of sugar in regular frozen strawberries is a no-no. I wondered if I could add water to a freezer bag and freeze them whole. Or if I could squish some and freeze quartered berries in their own 'juice'. Any advice here? I ran across a fire sale on strawberries today and would like to use all I can.

North Saanich, Canada

I freeze strawberries all the time. You can either freeze them whole or cut them up. Put them individually on cookie sheets, then freeze that way. Then you can put them in individual bags and freeze them. I have a vacuum sealer that I use for my frozen foods, but good sealing bags are fine. No sugar needed at all.
Hope this helps.


Phoenix, AZ

Thanks, Glenda; I'm going to do just that. I have the Reynold's vac bag system and I love it. How do your berries come out when they're thawed?

North Saanich, Canada

Well, they are certainly not like fresh, but they are not bad. We use ours mostly in smoothies, but you can just kind of mush them up and add Splenda if you want, and they will kind of make their own juice. A bit of cinnamon is nice too.

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