New York, NY

I've put up a site dedicated to newbie urban gardeners. It's local focus is NYC but its main focus is guiding new container gardeners. There are so many with all these new condos with balconies. It's and it covers the basics because so many people have these modest spaces, lots of hope and zero knowledge. I am putting it up here because if you get as many questions as I do -- What is that exotic flower? That is a pansy, ma'am -- it might be easier to send them to the site to do research and then they can come back with more specific questions.

In any case, have a great spring!

Philadelphia, PA

Thank you!! I will be checking out your site as well as this one. We have a small back yard in Philly - totally newbies.Lots of hope but bad backs. We are hoping container gardening will be a good way to go.

New York, NY


My husband uses a weight belt when we are moving around the big planters. You will find that there are roller trays as well. You might want to think about perennials so you don't have to plant every year. That might save your back some wear and tear.

As for the Dave's Garden community, it is a wonderful resource. There is a serious amount of knowledge and experience here so feel free to ask. There are lots of people at different levels. Gardenweb is okay too but I find it's more casual and doesn't have the same depth of knowledge you find here but still very good. They have a small/urban space board.

It's the beginning of April so things are just warming up. Welcome!

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

What a great thread,thanks

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