How do I get rid of a new group trying to establish a home?

Highland, CA

I know how important they are, & I don't want to hurt any! But they have moved into one of my large bird house feeders this week. They are actually keeping the birds away, and we can't get to the seed to keep up the feeders anyway without going through the bees. They have to go! The top does not come off the birdhouse - they are going in & out of 2 dime sized holes. I need to stop this before they are anymore established. Once they find the hummer & oriole feeders I will have a bee haven instead of a bird haven. The yard is small & we won't be able to go out there either...

Thanks for any suggestions!

Near Lake Erie, NW, PA(Zone 5a)

If they are honey bees see if you can locate a beekeeper in your area what will come and remove them safely and without harm to the bees.

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