How much do you Pay a Gardener per hour?

Midway, TX(Zone 8b)

Due to my health every spring now I have a gardener come in and clean out the beds, weed eat, and haul fresh compost for all the beds. I have seven garden beds on our place. He also does pruning that I couldn't do myself. He is very good and is a very friendly young fellow. He and my husband enjoy talking. He charges $20 an hour and today said he would go down to $15. I was shocked. I didn't ask him to go down. I am especially pleased with his work.
Just wondering what everyone that uses a gardener pays?


Hahira, GA(Zone 8b)

Honey - I would take a decent gardener for $20.00/hr, & $15.00 is even better!! We could get a LOT of work done! Maybe he, like many folks, is having a tough time right now, & just needs work. How refreshing that he actually WORKS, & does a good job, too - an unfortunate rarity these days! If you continue to be pleased with his work, I'd pay him the $20.00, if you can afford it - it may get you preferential treatment or consideration in the future!! Or, bake him something - those young guys love homemade goodies! (oh, and not-so-young-ones, too!) Samantha

Saint Petersburg, FL

The guys we hire from time to time only charge 15/hour, but we always pay them 20 anyway. They work their butts off for us, and are always available when we need them for a job, because they know we treat them well (we get them lunch too, Publix subs or something).

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