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Arlington, TX

3 days ago a colony of bees landed in my front lawn this is day 4, some people down the street have been cutting tree limbs i dont know if that is where they came from. how long will they stay and
are they hurt? some of them fly around the circle they have on the ground. they do not seem aggressive. thanks

Richmond, VA(Zone 7b)

They may have come from the activity down the street, but I know that it's swarm time in Texas, so it is probably more likely that this is a swarm cast from an existing hive somewhere nearby. In the Spring, the bees build up so that they can send off half of the hive, with the old queen, to find a new home. The remaining bees raise a new queen and continue onward. This is how bees 'spread'.

When they leave, they typically go to a limb where they can hang (with the queen being in the center, or thereabouts) while the scout bees go look for a new home. They are very docile in this mode.

I can tell you for sure that there are beekeepers in your area that would love to come 'rescue' this swarm (for free - some might even pay you for it.) I would come get them, except I'm in Virginia and that's a long haul for one swarm!

They are not hurt at all. They are just trying to stick together and keep the queen safe and fed, while the scouts find a new home for them.

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