Floral collars for dogs. Woven in traditional haku style

Beaverton, OR

I read in a book that you could make a floral collar for a dog for a special occasion - Wedding etc. It said that the dogs are bathed, brushed and adorned with a lei woven in the "traditional haku style". It did not explain the haku style of weaving except that there was a base of raffia, and jute twine was used to weave or braid onto base. The addition of each new flower should cover the stem of the flower before it. Question - Is there actually a lei needle that is used? Has anyone done this before and willing to share? The other information is that the collar must be compact, not too fragrant and does not restrain the freedom of movement of the dog.
Anyway this is one of the things on my old idea list and lately I have some time to follow up on ideas. The "base of raffia" was rather vague. I know what raffia is - but is this a particular type of raffia - can I get it at a craft store?

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