April Showers 2010 (2)

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

It's time for a new thread...let's start showing Spring from all over the world!

Old thread : http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1085583/

My apricot blooms.

Thumbnail by adinamiti
Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

My dogwood

Thumbnail by sunfarm
Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

My daffodils

Thumbnail by sunfarm
Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

47 and it's going to be a nice day, in the 70's! Yesterday was cool with a warm sun. We ran to DD's and got horse manure. I got it around the rhubarb and carefully sprinkled it around a few bushes, trees and hostas. It hasn't been leached by the rain so it's potent. But boy, does it make things grow! I only got 7 buckets, but I have 4 left. This fall it will be a truckload! I put more garden in before the next rain and did some weeding.

I guess this is the year to find out if you have allergies. We don't have any of the pollen you guys have. I think I'm glad.

Howdy Cuckoo! Hope you're here to stay! Sounds beautiful down there!

Ric! You really went to town on the shed!! I love tarpaper. Don't ask me why.

Sorry to not comment on all. I got up late :o(

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new thread, Adina. :-) I love your photos!

6:50 is late, Sally??

I'm up EARLY (but not as early as Sally's late!) to get things ready for a DG round up. Yayyy!! I have a couple of plants to dig, and I need to shred the bbq beef (which I've never made before, so pray it's good! It's been in the crockpot all night.) I'm in charge of the food, more or less, so I need to get there early. It should be fun! (It usually is! :-) ) We have a 20% chance of rain... Hopefully it will miss us!

Observation for Houston, TX (KSGR) as of 6:53am CDT (38 min ago)
Temperature 58 F 14 C
Dew Point 54 F 12 C
Humidity 86%
Pressure 30.17 in 1021.7 mb
Wind Speed 5 MPH 4 kts
Wind Dir ESE 110
Ceiling Unlimited Unlimited
Visibility 10 mi 16.1 km
6 hour min temperature ending 6:53am CDT : 51.1F / 10.6C
6 hour max temperature ending 6:53am CDT : 59.0F / 15.0C

Today Mostly cloudy in the morning then becoming partly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of rain. Highs in the mid 70s. Southeast winds 10 to 15 mph.
Tonight Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 50s. Southeast winds 10 to 15 mph.

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Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Marylyn have a BLAST!!!!

Bernie you garden and build on such a grand scale
I was thinking a pond big enough to sail on....lol!
Lovely area!

Ahhhh the Dogwoods!
Love to see them and the Redbuds in the woods as we walk around.
Everything seems to be budding/flowering at once.

32 here this morning.
Out to survey the damage, if any.


Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

billyporter, be careful with manure that's too fresh. You don't want to burn your plants.

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

56 - clear blue skies - the Redbuds are in their glory cannot get out to photograph so youse guys and gals will have to be content with previous years pics - they are on this site.

The wind has calmed enough to mess with the shed roof today but I am going to take it slow and easy, if it gets done it does, if not - oh well, everything has been soaked anyways.

Care too all.

(Zone 7a)

I want a dogwood. We can't have them here yet. Not enough shade. I'll have to settle for looking at your dogwood.

Thanks, Ric. I'll let you know.

42.6 F with 65 for the high. It will be a great trip today.
Mostly Cloudy
Windchill: 43 F
Humidity: 43%
Dew Point: 22 F
Wind: 2.0 mph from the ESE
Wind Gust: 7.0 mph
Pressure: 30.06 in (Falling)
Visibility: 10.0 miles
UV: 0 out of 16
Clouds: Few 10000 ft
Scattered Clouds 12000 ft
Mostly Cloudy 20000 ft
(Above Ground Level)
Elevation: 4383 ft

Tradescantia very pretty now.

Thumbnail by kwanjin
Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

PS - Sue (DW) planted a few plants in a shady area last year and one has come back so well and looks so good she wants to get more of them - so I get to figure out what she planted! Pics of that will follow when I can figure out where the camera, batteries, and memory stick are. I have located the card reader and cable.

Hancock, ME(Zone 5a)

Does not feel like spring here today, temp in the 40's with wind gusts to 30 mph. I went out to work in the yard and came right back in to get the thermal longjohns on! Was out there about 4 hours doing mostly yard clean up. Too cold to do the transplanting I need to do. I still feel cold. The wood stove feels good tonight. Pictures soon - I hope - as soon as somethings start growing.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

High in the low 70s with a strong breeze this afternoon....again. lol. Hardly a cloud in the sky and I got to spend several hours outside putting up the timbers and blocks for the greenhouse area. Majority of my coworkers were jealous. LOL.

I need to get out and take pics. I have stuff coming up everywhere and tulips blooming their heads off. Hopefully here pretty soon I can get my stuff planted. I have a ton of bulbs to get in the ground and my veggie garden needs planting but the clumps of mud are too big still. Waiting on rototiller which is at my grandma's right now. Radishes in a couple planters. Did the regular round ones in one and Fire N' Ice in another. I also have dwarf willow bushes to put in the ground and a spirea.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

I'll get Redbud shots tomorrow.
They are amazing!
Never seen such a heavy bud!

Wild Pears are shining like spotlights on the hills around here.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

50, going to be partly sunny and in the upper 60's with a light east wind. I see no 30's for overnight lows all week.

Yesterday I repotted the largest tomato seedlings and put them back under the lights. I left the repotted cabbage in the garage overnight. I didn't start or buy any flowers this year, since I plan on working with what I have. It was a day to clean garages and porches, set chairs out and mix dirt.

Marylyn, and I got up late today too. Guess I must be working hard! I'll bet your beef was delicious and you had a wonderful time!

Ric, I was thinking Bernie would have a really nice pond, but to sail on, wow! That would be neat :o)

Sunfarm, I have rings of manure away from the plant and shook it off any leaves. Now that our rain chances has disappeared for the rest of the week, I think I'll be toting water today.

Dyson, redbuds are just noticable here. I'm always suprised to find them in timbers. I grew up with one just outside my window. I'll bet it feels good to get out and work on things.

Celia, oohhh, pretty leaves! What color is your tradescantia? I have a white one, but the leaves aren't like that. You have to get close to see just how pretty a spiderwort bloom is.

Dyson, they're pretty hardy so maybe Sue will have all of them come back. They grow fast and divide well too.

Ledge, we went thru weather like that earlier. It was just icy! I hear you on the long johns! But you're a trooper and went back out!

Pepper, you had the primo job!! Now how are you hiding all those things from your Dad? LOL!

Ric, that sounds beautiful!

We're ready for britches here.

Dutchman's Breeches and Toadshade.

Thumbnail by billyporter
(Zone 3b)

Nearly 7am~
Sunrise: 6:46am (no sunshine today~cloudy, windy, snow in the forecast)...
Sunset: 9:10pm
Another 4.+ earthquake, but didn't notice this one; the one last week was quite a jolt and rumble. Marsue~perhaps the fault is beginning to wake up.
Snow covers the yard-so nothing new yet. The moose came through yesterday w/out her calf. I think she's chased it off as she gets ready for the new calf due in May. Her belly is huge-so glad she's coming by so we can moniter her progress:))
Thanks for the new thread, Adina. Spring blossoms are gorgeous.
As to my sugar egg that I've had since 1964; I've kept it in a, in a basket, brown paper bag, in a dark closet. The colors are nearly faded, but no damage at all to the egg.
Loved all the spring blossoms you've posted and reading of projects, too.
Have a great day.
Cousins~two of my grandsons a few days ago. The tallest is 18; 6ft.5 1/2 inches. The oldest, 20, just left left Alaska on Friday; he and his wife are now in the Seattle, Washington, area.

Thumbnail by kiska
Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Marylyn, have a wonderful RU! The food sounds delicious!
Sally, I have a plant like yours, the smallest one...is that a toadshade?Last year I gathered some horse manure from our street after a carriage with a horse came and put it between the strawberry bushes. I guess that's why they have grown so much and so many. I just finished dividing them and I'm going out to count...I'm curious to see how many I came up with! LOL
Ric, so cold ! Did you have any damage on your plants?
Jackie, you have more daylight than we do! Such handsome young men! You must be devastated the oldest one left for Seattle. An earthquake, grrr! Good you didn't feel it!
Celia, my Tradescantia looks just like yours now!
Have to go and water the garden. It didn't rain, like they forecasted and it was warm enough, 62F and windy.
Posting a red tulip bud, ready to bloom.
Have a great day everyone!

Thumbnail by adinamiti
Lewisville, TX(Zone 7b)

Good day to everyone... it looked like we were going to have rain but now the sun is popping out of the clouds.. I don't think we are due for rain until late next week.
Marsue.. I was fascinated with that story fo bees I would imagine the bee person was also in awe.. they would be happy.. but not the people of the house!! wow..imagine finding that!!!!

Dyson.. that's why I stick to having a film camera.. only hassle is getting it developed quickly! hahahahahaha

Hope everyone is doing well. I find it hard to keep up with everyone so I too am sorry I can't answer to everyone!!

L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

Kiska, your 18-year-old GS is tall, and has good taste in football teams. :-)

Maybe when I go out hiking I should gather up horse droppings. Then again, maybe not. It wouldn't surprise you if I did, though, would it? ;-)

There are some redbud trees where you get on the freeway at Kanan Road, but otherwise you don't see them much around here. I don't know why. Seems like they would be perfect yard trees since they don't get very big.

When I go out the back door, I greeted by the fragrance of orange blossoms.

It says light drizzle but it isn't raining here. They are calling for it to rain tonight or tomorrow.

Van Nuys, California (Airport)
Updated: 8:51 AM PDT on April 11, 2010
53 F
Light Drizzle
Humidity: 74%
Dew Point: 45 F
Wind: 9 mph from the South

some pictures from Friday
I finally get a decent picture of owls clover.

Thumbnail by Kelli
L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

This is called mountain phacelia. I had never seen this kind before. The foliage is different from the other kinds of phacelias we have.

Thumbnail by Kelli
L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

creek with water - The fern is called a chain fern. They're rare around here.

Thumbnail by Kelli
L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

blue larkspur

Thumbnail by Kelli
(Zone 7a)

63.4 F with 72 for the high.
Humidity: 18%
Dew Point: 19 F
Wind: 5.0 mph from the SSE
Wind Gust: 22.0 mph
Pressure: 29.89 in (Falling)
Visibility: 10.0 miles
UV: 3 out of 16
Clouds: Few 11000 ft
Mostly Cloudy 14000 ft
Overcast 18000 ft
(Above Ground Level)
Elevation: 4383 ft

I'm kind of disappointed in today. We were supposed to have nice weather but it's overcast and very windy. Yuck.

The trip was fun yesterday. Crystal looks happy. Maxwell and I had a nice conversation on the way.

Thumbnail by kwanjin
(Zone 7a)

Oh! And the tradescantia is pink. Here is a pic from last year. It looks more purple than it really is.

Thumbnail by kwanjin
Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

We escaped another frost this morning just barely, with the temp dipping to 33. It is now a gorgeous 76 with low humidity. I have to stick close to the house and computer in case DH needs anything; he has been working on our taxes for two days. I have banished him to a seldom-used room upstairs where he can spread out the papers and leave them undisturbed as necessary (and I don't have to look at his furrowed brow too often). I hope he finishes soon and his usual pleasant disposition returns.

(Zone 7a)

Oh boy, Sunfarm. I do not envy him that experience.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

High of around 80 with a hardly noticeable breeze and full sun. A perfect day to plant 21 bulbs and finish digging up my garden. Now if my dad and I could just remember the rototiller!!! It's out at my grandma's and I even went out there today and as soon as I got there totally forgot!! It's pitiful!! LOL.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

LOVE tradescantia in all forms!
That's a nice one Celia!

Marylyn was Don at your RU? Goes by dgal on Cubits, looks like Santa Claus.....

Kiska he's a GIANT!
Do they send him out first in the fall to see if the ice is ready? lol!

Had a lovely time at the sale today.
Picked up a Black Double, Gold Double and a Pink upright Hellebore.
Also Variegated Poke and Moneyplant.
Weather was PERFECT!


Thumbnail by henryr10
Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Hi, everyone! The RU was a lot of fun - as usual. :-) It rained in the morning, but was nice by lunch time. Yes, Don was there. It was fun to meet him in person. :-) Roadrunner visited our RU a few years ago, but didn't come to this one. It would be fun to have her back.... she's a lot of fun! ^_^

The bunnies had a blast, too. The park we were at has a great playground, a sand volleyball court (which wasn't being played on, so as far as they were concerned it was a really big sand box), and a lake with lots of mostly tame ducks. They (the bunnies, not the ducks) came home happy, exhausted, and covered with sand from head to toe. LOL I'm hoping Charles took some photos... I had a camera in my pocket, but never actually used it. (I'm so bad at that!)

Oops... Charles needs the computer back. I need to chase the bunnies to bed soon anyway. Good night, all!

(Zone 3b)

Topped out at 40*F. Overcast and "they" are still forcasting 1-3inches of snow.
kelli~of all the beautiful hiking photos, my favorite today, is of the creek. I'll let my gson, Bobby, know you like his team as well:)
kwanjin~Maxwell is so cute-it's wonderful to see the babies here; and, watch them grow. (JW comes to mind). Love the flower.
sunfarm~hope the taxes project is finished soon~
ric~beautiful spring pic~you're right, he's a tall kid, and I really think he is the tallest one in Palmer High School. Also, he is a hard working kid who is quick to lend a hand. (changing out studded tires soon and he'll be here for that).He'd even volunteer to check the ice:)
pepper~sorry you forgot the rototiller, but that's funny and something I can relate to...

Thumbnail by kiska
(Zone 3b)

marylyn~sounds great~

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Kelli that's Owl's Clover is NEAT!
I've seen the Castilleja coccinea but never that species.

Kiska he's HAVE to be that big to wear that shirt around here! LOL!


Thumbnail by henryr10
Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

47 and looking to be another nice day! I can't believe I completely forgot to comment on the first pictures!

Adina, thanks for the new thread with a perfect picture. Fruit blossoms!

Sunfarm, I don't think I've seen a dogwood bloom. Very pretty! Love the yellow daffodils. It's nice to see doubles!

Kiska, I hope the earthquake never affects you. Have you got a picture of the pregnant moose? Your Grandsons are so young! Both have great smiles. I'll bet they'll miss each other.

Adina, the small plant is the Dutchman's Breeches. My camara doesn't do white very well, so it's hard to get a close-up. It looks just like a pair of pants. I found a better picture. These aren't really open yet. You are a woman after my own heart. Waste not want not :o) (Manure.) Tulips are great! They show color before they open and you just can't wait to see them!

~ to Cindylove, it IS hard to keep up here. Oh well, there are always rainy days :o)

Kelli, pick up those nuggets! even a few are good fertilizer :o) I love the owls clover! It goes well with the white... hmmm, seems like I should know the answer. A sort of saxifrage? I like the phacelia too! Love the ferns and the larspur is a gorgeous color! You really found the treaures on this walk. Is the water cold? I'd love to sit there for a while!

Celia, don't you just hate the disappointing ''nice'' days. I keep singing "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" :o) Poor little guy wonders where spring is too. I'm glad Crystal is happy! Beautiful bloom. They are so delicate, but grow like weeds!

Sunfarm, I'm glad you had a beautiful day! You should have kicked DH out into the sunshine for a while :o) Hopefully he can get the taxes done soon. Going thru paperwork can be so frustrating. At least he has a place to do it in peace.

Pepper, ROTFL!!! You have a tiller, yet you don't! I'm glad you got to plant!

Ric, what a gorgeous picture! Just what I'd like my yard to look like, but it doesn't, for various reasons :o) Can't wait to see your new plants in bloom! A varigated poke? I didn't know there was such a thing.

Marylyn, I'll bet the bunnies came home exhausted! What great fun for them! Isn't it funny, at family reunions, I have the camera around my neck and forget to take pictures!

Kiska, snow on the mountain, so calm and peaceful.

Ric, love the bluebells! They say mushroom hunting soon.

It was Dyson Dark when I started, and now it's light!

A better Breechman picture

Thumbnail by billyporter
Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

Taxes got finished about 8 last night, so the tension in the household has disappeared (except for the cats still getting acquainted). Even a nice amount overpaid that we can put toward this year's taxes!
Glad you liked the flower pictures; our farm is beautiful this time of year. I need to get out and finish cleaning up the "bird garden" outside the kitchen window. The weather should be mild and pleasant all week, but we do need rain.

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

48 - Clear skies.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

54 and Clear.
Looks like all the plants can go out now but the 'super tenders'.

'Should' have big results on the Shed this afternoon.........

'shrooms are definitely on the radar,
May Apples are up too!
We have to find some new hunting grounds.
Our 'PRIME' spot is our former employer and Robyn won't go there.... lol!

Fayetteville, AR(Zone 7b)

It was a gorgeous weekend here! Saturday was probably mid 70's, but yesterday was 75 with a Real Feel of 85! It got kinda hot, not used to that yet.

I got more pics, these are the Rottie puppies from my next door neighbor. These are more than likely going to be for sale in a couple weeks.

Thumbnail by crissyr
Fayetteville, AR(Zone 7b)

Two girls and a boy.

Thumbnail by crissyr
Fayetteville, AR(Zone 7b)

This little girl howls, it's the cutest thing!

Thumbnail by crissyr
Fayetteville, AR(Zone 7b)


Thumbnail by crissyr
Fayetteville, AR(Zone 7b)

After dinner

Thumbnail by crissyr

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