oversummering winter pansies

Charlottesville, VA

Here in central Virginia, on the cusp of hardiness zones 6b and 7a, we plant pansies in the fall and enjoy them during the fall, winter and spring, that is, whenever there's no snow to cover them up. They seem to love the cold, and all the snow we had this winter didn't seem to phase them a bit, but they hate heat. So, most people dig them up and toss them away because the heat will kill them anyway if left out. I'd like to try oversummering them inside. I have an unheated basement which might work. They are Canadian grown Deltas of various colors. Does anyone have experience with this?

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

No, but I was thinking the same thing. The main thing would be to have adequate light. Do you already have a good fluorescent light setup? I do not, yet...

Caldwell, NJ(Zone 6a)

I have a beautiful Violet?/ pansy? in a large flat pot that I got from local nursery.It is called Etian and was blooming beautifly until the hot weather started. Now it is not blooming at all and the stems are dying back. I removed it from where it was under 1/2 day sun and put it on a table where it would get shade under an overhead shade tent. It still looks sd. Should I try replanting it in the Garden where it gets no direct sun or just leave it on the table and keep it well watered, or even bring it into the house on a window sill?

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

I have put many of my withered violas in moist shady areas for oversummering with good effects. It is a lot less stress than trying to water a shallow container in the heat of the summer where they are more prone to drying out. It only takes one day to lose what you may have strived for months to save.

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Well, has anyone started any new ones, or tried to over-summer their old ones?? I forgot all about this thread and just put my "fried" ones in the place where they get mostly bright shade all day except for the morning sun. They seem to be perking up. I really waited too long, though as the bottoms are quite dry.

See the bottom of this scene?

Thumbnail by evelyn_inthegarden
Kingman, AZ(Zone 7b)

Is there any other annual that takes the winters. I am at 3,500 feet and we do get freezes and some snow. I have only ever had violas or pansies.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

Sweet William and Dianthus. Luciee

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Also if you like bachelor buttons, sow them this fall. I, too, live at that same elevation. Calendulas if they are away from the deer will live sometimes 3 or more years, in part sun. They do not really like the heat, but will tolerate it if they are established. Have you sown any California poppies? This is getting near the time to sow any hardy annuals.

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

I moved the pansies into a mostly shaded area for the summer, though there is some hot sun for part of the day. They are all doing well, but I am sure they will be happier when it cools off.

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