CLOSED: HAVE Richard Wallace Cannas

Omega, GA(Zone 8b)

I have several different varieties of Cannas. Would like to make trades. Reply if interested.

(Zone 7a)

What are you looking for?

Omega, GA(Zone 8b)


I would love to have anything for shade. That's where I have the most room to fill. I would love astilbes, hostas, or just anything for the shade. But I am flexible. Will trade for most anything, what ya got?


(Zone 7a)

Not much as I am new to his, I do have a beautiful bleeding heart start...any interest in that? pink and white flowers...

maybe a start of christmas cactus? I have a big one I can take segemnts from...

Arnett, WV(Zone 5b)

Would you be interested in un-named hostas?

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

would you consider sweet shrub?

Omega, GA(Zone 8b)

Hi ladies,

Ms. Marygold...would love bleeding heart.

Catbirdsue...would love hostas....noid is fine with me....i have so few...I'm thrilled to get any of them and my my what an inventory of hostas you have:)

Jordankittyjo...yes, would be happy for sweetshrub...too...

Ya'll just let me know.

Belleville, MI(Zone 5b)

I have lots of sedum varieties to trade!
They grow great in the shade or sun.

( Kris) Smiths, AL(Zone 8a)

Hi, I would love to trade some hostas too, Also have a couple of other things I can trade.

It is funny that I found this I will very close to your house on Sat. We are spending the nighht in Tifton and going to Bob's Nursery on Sunday, they have some plants I want to get!!. Do you ever go there? I stop in everytime I go though Tifton,, best plants around and great prices too!!

Omega, GA(Zone 8b)

Hi there! That is funny, so you are in Tifton now? I'm sure we could arrange to meet between now and Sunday. I have bought from Bob's for many many years until the past couple of sister and law and I have been ordering directly from growers. I still love to go there and look. Glad you wrote...just let me know if you want some cannas. I would love to have hostas.

( Kris) Smiths, AL(Zone 8a)

Hi ,, sending d-mail

Omega, GA(Zone 8b)

Still have cannas, if anyone else is interested.

Turner, OR

I have some heirloom red peonies that would do great in shade

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