Rooting Sago palms

Lake Charles, LA

How long does it take for Sago Palm pups to root?

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

from a month to over a year or two (or never)... depends on lots of factors but they can certainly try your patience.

Lake Charles, LA

We had a couple planted in the front of our house when we moved here. They were great for about 8 years, but they were really getting too big to be by the entrance to the house so we decided they had to go. The original plant was too big to move, so we had to chop it up; however, there were 28 pups. Some had grown around the mother plants for some time.
The original plants had hard black oval things all over it. I was told that those were ovaries. Is this correct? Also coming out of the top were the little seeds, I guess. I assumed that they were not ready, because they were yellow and not red. Is this correct?
Thank you for your time.

Brunswick, GA(Zone 9a)

When the female pod bursts open revealing the seeds don't pull on the seeds until they are ripe. When the seeds are ready to harvest they should be practically dropping into your hand at the slightest touch or have already rolled off of the stem. Check around the trunk and on the ground and chances are you may find some seeds already germinating, usually these seeds are older than the seeds of this years crop.

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