My fairy and her new "nest"

South, TX

I am still unable to garden, but I enjoy making pretty arrangements. We were out one day and I saw this swag. I put it in a circle and thought it would be pretty around my fairy and candle impression candle. The candle turns on at about 5pm each night for five hours.

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Thumbnail by Sallysblooms
Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)

Very pretty Sally! Bet it is verty soothing with the light on.

South, TX

It is SO neat in the eve. with the light on!

Dewas, India

ohh... this so pretty. i like this. please tell me how you create this? i also create own.

South, TX

Thank you. I can't tell you how pretty it is in real life! Pretty large. It is SO easy! I had the big Fairy and the battery candle. I only use Batt. candles. Safe and they are so pretty. Then the wreath is something I bought. Just put the candle and fairy inside! I love it.

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