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Fairfax, VA(Zone 7a)

We need to replace the gutters on our house. Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with covered gutters? Supposedly, once they are installed they will never need to be cleaned. I'm skeptical. We have some trees near the house. If you have this type of guttering, are you satisfied with how it performs? Thanks!

Madison, AL

I wish someone with some experience with covered gutters or gutter guards would chime in on this. We live in the woods and have showers of pine needles get in the gutters - major hassle. DH put screen guards over them and helps a little. But stuff piles up on top. It's tempting to just have no gutters and let the rain fall off the side. We are getting too old for him to be crawling up on ladders and along the roof.

Fallbrook, CA(Zone 10b)

I'd be happy to "chime in" but I've never heard of covered gutters before. There are a few gutter cleaning tools available that don't require climbing on your roof to do it. That's assuming you have a single story house. Here's one that's highly rated;

Byron, MI

I've experimented with Home depot gutter panels with very small slits in the panel. I thought they worked pretty good until this summer when I seen a plant growing out of the gutter. I got on a ladder and started to lift one corner to experience several dozen hornets who were very unhappy. I quickly prayed as I left the ladder and luckily did not get stung. I have had people stop and quote somekind of lifetime -never-have-to-clean gutters but they were "very expensive" and I asked the question, what if they do get plugged up? Will your company come and clean them out ? He left.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

Dear Stillwood, I know just what you mean. After 2 knee replacements, my husband is not able to climb a ladder. I have no sense of balance. Our son is too heavy, and has my bad balance. What to do? We were talking about the gutters and could not decide which of us wanted them. I think it was to keep the yard from washing away. We considered removing them, but not yet. I would like some sound info on gutter covers also. Luciee

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

Deerhunter, I was afraid it would be something like thatr. We have big red wasps as well as mean litttle guinea wasps. OKur pest control company sprays the ones around the haose, but not at the tractor shed. I have to spray them, also ants. Luciee

Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

I recently got an iRobot Looj from ebay. It is a remote controlled 'car' with a rotating whip/brush in front.


never get on the roof

only one or 2 trips up the ladder

water resistant and can be hosed-off.

Gets the gutter very clean - if you spend the time.


noisy (not as noisy as a leaf blower, but probably noisier than a water nozzle)

messy (though, not messier than most other methods)

can't turn corners - best for long straight runs

Can be odd to learn to use.

If you are not willing to learn its limitations, you won't like it. Do not expect it be faster than traditional methods. I like it for my place. It even kicked out a coupla small sticks. Yes, it flips over occasionally and you must remember to reverse travel direction. But, it saves many ladder moving/climbing trips.

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Columbus, OH

Well, I am late for this thread, but I will toss in my 2 cents. I had gutter covers installed (I believe they are the "gutter topper" brand) and am VERY unhappy with them. These are the style that are flat, with perforations to allow water through but not debris. They DO allow water through and stop debris from getting into the gutter--at first. The problem is, the debris just piles up on top of the gutter, even packs into the space between the top of the cover and the shingle overhang, made worse by the fact that they actually slightly tilt in toward the house instead of away, and that blocks water from entering the gutter--therefore I still have to climb up three times a year to clean the gutter toppers.

Oh, and I also was told that if they ever needed cleaning, the company would come do it. They haven't, and now don't return my phone calls.

Perhaps if they had been installed with a pronounce outward tilt (which means the gutter would have to also) they would work as advertised.

My neighbor has a style that is designed with a built in slope that goes from the edge of the shingles to the outer edge of the gutter--and they work. Sorry, I don't know the brand of those.

Elizabethtown, PA

Hey wildginger:

They do exist and stay clean. I tried them myself.
I did the job with contractors tho, not myself: ( )

Hope this helps!


Clover Hill, MD

GutterMaid in Maryland is the expert in gutter cleanings as well as all types of gutter screens/covers. Their website and blog is very helpful when deciding on whether a leaf protection system is right for you.

Niles, MI(Zone 5a)

I'm all for NOT installing the gutter covers, here in Michigan, having moved back here after 30 years in Calif we thought we would do my mother a favor and install the gutter covers for her, to eliminate the cleaning of the gutters. Were we wrong, Ice collected on the gutter covers, got back under the roofing and caused a lot of damage. needless to say the covers came off as soon as spring came. Never again!!!

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