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Unbelievable! When can you do mine?

Clearwater, FL(Zone 10a)

Unbelievable! It makes me want to go out and redo my entire yard right now! I love it on so many levels. Excellent way to deal with the heat, intense sun and sandy soil so characteristic of zone 9. I am totally inspired. I have only one are the ants?

Gilbert, AZ(Zone 9b)

Sorry I have not looked at this thread in a while. Ants are pretty good as I have a very prolific lizard and bird population. Pretty early on I noticed that zero pesticides equal more lizards and birds which more than compensates for the lack of chemical control. Last month we did get quite a few invaders who seem to be seeking water not food. I placed a bunch of lizard water dishes outside in strategic locations (away from house) and they seem to have tapered off. I did not place them for the ants rather I'm trying to stop Tiger Whiptail lizards from taking a fatal dive in my pool. I have four lizard species in my yard and only the Whiptails seem to think they can swim. They can't!!! :(

Since the bowls have been in place, no more lizards in my pool. I hope this is not just a coincidence nor the ants leaving me alone since putting them in place. Thx for the nice comments on the project! It has actually been fun.

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