Have your hummingbirds returned?

(Zone 7a)
There are a total of 281 votes:

I've had Ruby Throat hummingbirds for several weeks now.
(41 votes, 14%)
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My hummingbirds have just returned!
(30 votes, 10%)
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I'm still waiting for my hummingbirds.
(160 votes, 56%)
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I'm lucky, my hummingbirds do not migrate. I have them year-round!
(27 votes, 9%)
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We do not have hummingbirds where I live.
(23 votes, 8%)
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Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

They have been here for a few weeks. I love them as a harbinger of spring.

Although I'm sure not all of us get the Ruby throated (specified in the 1st choice), that is the one we see here.

Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

Should be seeing them fairly soon, I hope. My coral honeysuckle vine is covered in blooms already and the hummers just love them. Once I spot them there, I put the feeders out. Then the fighting ensues...lol. No matter how many feeders I hang at different locations, the hummers chase each other and chatter - especially the ladies!

When I lived further north of Dallas, we regularly had the black/purple hummers, as well as the ruby throats. I only see the purples on rare occasion now.

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

My first sighting was on the 8th. Which is about right for my area.

I'd be interested in hearing about the migration of the Roufus up the west coast as well.


We have lived here in Anchorage for 38 years and saw our first hummingbird last summer.
My wife put out a feeder but we never saw again.

Oconomowoc, WI(Zone 4b)

Hello All,
We've not seen our cheeky buggers yet, but it shouldn't be too long. Last year there were two or three different species, but I'm not well-read on them enough to know which one is who - and I plan to rectify that this summer!
There's one that looks suspiciously like an ANNA'S...but...I'm in Wisconsin, and I believe that's a West Coast only bird. It's an iridescent green with a grey underside and nearly no other markings except the male's head is nearly black. It's also remarkably bold - my husband and I were sitting on the deck enjoying a cup of coffee when up zipped the little greenie to sample the Geraniums less than 10' away! This one also likes to look in our front window and will hover for a good 2-3 minutes as if to say 'Ah, hey, the feeder's getting a bit low...'
The 6 or so that visit us had become accustomed to me puttering around the Front Bed, and when I heard the whir of wings I'd freeze and slowly look to the feeder to see who was calling. I will be keeping my camera close by and hopefully getting a good enough snap of them so as to be able to ID who's coming to dinner. Does anyone have a favorite site for East Central migrants?

@TexasTam - it is fun watching them dart around chasing each other, especially later in the season when the chicks fledge and want to see where Mom's been getting lunch! I nearly wish I had a slow-motion camera trained on the two feeding areas so I could watch as they try to out-manuver one another...ZOOM..chit...chit...chitter...NEROUUM...

@chucki - don't toss your feeder, with global warming you'll probably get them on a regular basis within the next few years! How's that poor tulip coping with the fresh snow?

...this is one of the 'buffet' areas with Agastache Sunset Hyssop in the corner, Physostegia Alba just behind and Mandevilla 'Red Riding Hood' climbing on the trellis...

Thumbnail by temafilly
Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

Temafilly, I had a July 4th party a few years ago where the sundown entertainment became hummingbird WWF. There were three females zooming around the back yard right over our heads, chitting and chattering and swirling. It was amazing! No harm done, but several guests at the party vowed to hang hummer feeders after that!

Marin, CA(Zone 9b)

I was expecting them earlier, like last week, and I sterilized all the feeders and cooked up some juice for them, but so far, nobody home! ( I only feel a little silly!)


temafilly the snow we got last week is all gone and the temp is in the mid-fortys days and around 30 at night. The snow is going fast right now BUT!!! We have had 36 inches in May before.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

we have humming turkeys,''people who cant remember the words''

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Still waiting and if they are smart we will be for a few more weeks, we had snow over the weekend and still having regular frosts. I did see a butterfly the other day, but it was just crazy.

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi, termafilly,

Interesting to hear about your varieties of Hummingbirds, although maybe with the lakes around there the out-of-range HBs are especially attracted to the region?

FYI If you do see the one you think might be an 'Anna' or any other odd looking ones, I am sure that the local birding groups would love to know and could make a confirmed ID for you. It could be a midwest record. And do you know about Kathi Rock in Madison who keeps lots of records on WI hummers and writes and talks about them extensively? If you don't already, you might find their website interesting: https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/mjrock/web/ If you have any questions about your hummer ID, please give her a call.

We have had one or two visiting hummers already at the feeders (April 17 and 18). A little early for our area, but we have had them as early as April 8. Normally the main arrival is arround May 7.

I am busy planting seeds for some of their favorite plants~~Tithonia, salvias, agastaches, etc. and getting our potted coral honeysuckles out of the garage (overwintered there to protect them) and putting them into the sun with lots of water to get them in bloom ASAP.

Good luck with your hummers, everyone! t.

DeLand, FL(Zone 9b)

The main hummer we get here in FL is ruby-throated, which I get every year - one little family found me, and now the scout comes on schedule in late March to early April. Last summer I had two families, so I'm excited to find out what will happen this year - my scout already arrived a week ago, and is now gone again!

I saw another that I couldn't identify last year, but it wasn't here long, and I think had gotten lost in transit (we don't get too much variety in FL). The one thing I really miss about living in central SC was the variety of hummers I had then! My neighbors put up feeders every year too, but the hummers rarely use theirs - I've use Best-1 Hummingbird feeders for years, and feel this has made a huge difference in the hummers consistently choosing my yard over neighbors in every place we've lived, combined with the natural plants they also love! Here is a link to purchase the feeder, also available through Amazon ~ http://www.duncraft.com/Best-1-Hummingbird-Feeder-8-oz--P3154C28.aspx

Markesan, WI

No hummers yet, but should be soon. Weather is very strange this year. It was 85 degrees last week and down to 26 last night so maybe they are waiting for summer. I thought I heard an oriole the other day, so I put a a feeder for them and they always share with the hummers.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

No hummers yet. A little early for my area. Hope to see them in early May.

Bark River, MI

None here yet, but the daffodils are starting to bloom so the hummers should be back soon.

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Cocoa, FL(Zone 9a)

I'm still waiting.. Of course I may have missed them already since I only rarely get to see them here in Florida on the east coast.

Franklin, WV

Hello all, I have seen nothing of ours yet, and am a little worried, they are normally here by now, my quince bush is aflame with bloom & that's where I usually see them first..I've had a feeder out for over a week, but no birdies yet....eastern panhandle of WV..

(Zone 7a)

We don't get the hummers until May.

Oconomowoc, WI(Zone 4b)

Hello All,
@ TexasTam - LOL: now THAT would have won a prize on the 'Funniest Video' show!

@chucki - What year was that in? We had a devasting snow/ ice storm April 11, 2007 that wreaked havoc on anything green, especially trees - the ice broke so many branches. Tonight we are getting hit with another 27* freeze and I'll be working to get things covered. Just when you think it's safe to set out your feeders!

@tabasco - Thank you for your information, I will be putting it to good use and keeping my camera handy. I have visited the site and would you believe there have been ANNA'S sited here? How exciting! Kathi has an article on the siting in Stoughton - only 40 miles away from me. Thank you again!

@ Kathleen - you're not crazy; I saw a Black Swallowtail floating around yesterday, maybe it was the caterpillar I had in my parsley last year!

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Trinity, NC

Just saw my first ruby-throated hummer less then 20 minutes ago, waiting for my sugar mixture to cool, so I can set out my feeders. Is a glorious day when the hummers return to wage their aerial battles and occasionally give me a face to face, encounter, I'm assuming that is to let me know they want some fresh nectar

Algonquin, IL(Zone 5a)

We're still waiting for our Ruby-throated Hummers, but it should be any day (unless they've come when I wasn't around). I've had feeders up since April 2nd (changing sugar-water regularly).

Hummingbirds.net showed a sighting in my area on April 4th which is really early! Our temps have jumped all around since then with variations ranging from below freezing to over 80!

Unless it's a really cold spring, they normally show up around April 26th (like they did last year), but the year before it was early May (cooler temps).

I'll keep looking & try to post again when I see them.

San Diego, CA(Zone 10a)

The Anna's here are nesting now. Found a sitting mom on a perfect nest out in the woods. Should hatch around May 1. Here's a nest I had last spring in a ficus tree. Watched them go from egg to on their own. I feed them year round.

Thumbnail by stevelvv
Prescott, AZ(Zone 7a)

Frequently I feel hummingbirds before I see them. I get the sense that my stomach is growling. Then I notice that it actually isn't growling. Then I orient my head so that the growling noise is no longer to one side. And sometimes I see a brilliant green hummingbird hovering nearby. This ritual happened about a week ago. Every once in a while, when I'm watering with a garden hose they drop by and take a drink. Don't know how they survive the winters here, but they seem to be around in late fall and early spring as well as through summer.

Andersonville, TN

I was buzzed 2 days ago under my magnolia tree... it was intentional because I was back under the tree near the house. Didn't see which kind it was, because it was a fly by. lol

Logan Lake, BC(Zone 3a)

I'm still waiting for the Rufous and Calliope to arrive, this is the latest in 9 years. Black-chinned arrive a little later. The feeders are ready!

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

im amazed,united states are only 4 months ahead of us with daffodil blooms

Denville, NJ(Zone 6b)

mine were here the 2nd week of May last year... but it's warmer this year.. and hoping to see them soon

Corpus Christi, TX(Zone 9a)

Usually here when the azaleas, bleeding hearts, & lunaria bloom. I haven't seen humming birds yet, but then again, only two of the 3 are blooming. The honesty/lunaria/money plants/silver dollars are up, but not quite in flower yet.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

No hummers seen here in Charlotte, NC. They seem to be late this year.

Glenwood Springs, CO(Zone 5b)

No hummingbirds yet. We usually get three different kinds and they all absolutely are crazy for Agastache.

We have turkeys! Does that count when you have a wild turkey walking down the sidewalk during the late afternoon?


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

that'd have to get you a few points

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

Wish they'd come to Europe!

Prescott, AZ(Zone 7a)

Pewjumper, as your turkey was walking down the sidewalk, was it humming ?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Tee hee Steve812 ^_^

Oconomowoc, WI(Zone 4b)

Hello All,
@ Pewjumper & Steve812 - Naw, turkey ladies go: yerp! yerp! puck, puck, puck - they don't know the words, either!
I'll agree on the Agastache, Sonny, if I want to catch the ones that visit here on film, I really should set up a turkey blind under the Spruce trees just across the driveway from my 'buffet' area! Who knows what I'll see?

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

turkey probably had an i-pod-hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

My newly designed hummer magnet. "Here hummers.... here hummers...."

Thumbnail by dahlianut
Logan Lake, BC(Zone 3a)

Hehehe...lol! Love the bow!!! Wish mine would show up too. But maybe they are smart and aware of bad weather, yesterday for most of the day it rained, snowed, hailed and was windy! Today was cool and windy:~{!!!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I hear you mcash70. We will definitely get another cold snap, hopefully not when they're migrating through or they won't stop. "Here little hummers... here little hummers...."

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