SD memory card input, please

Tiller, OR(Zone 8a)

A few years ago I had trouble with Hitachi CF 8GB cards losing or scrambling images in the Canon 30D, so am now leary of larger cards.

I found yesterday that I didn't have enough memory for the large sized files, so set the T1i for smaller images. I didn't like the results, and so want to resume with the larger. But I'm hesitant to purchase large capacity cards until I hear from some of you folks. If you're using large capacity SD cards, please let me know how they're doing for you.

Eastern Long Island, NY(Zone 7a)

I use Kingston 16gig class 4 SDHC cards, no problems yet. (I don't use the video feature on my camera, only still shots, else I'd get class 6).

Tiller, OR(Zone 8a)

I seldom use video, and never did with the problematic Hitachi.
I was considering 16 or 32 GB. Though I always carry spare batteries and cards, sometimes I still run out of memory when away from home.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Are you shooting everything in RAW? I've got a mix of 2 GB and 4 GB cards and never have a problem with memory. I try to empty the card at the end of each day (or two) of shooting though (unlike my daughter who runs her cards to full with thousands of shots).

Tiller, OR(Zone 8a)

Thanks dole. Camera was recording in both RAW and jpeg. Not any more. I don't even have software for RAW.

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Pine City, MN(Zone 4a)

I have 2 8 gb cards I've been using since last summer, they work fine so far!

Tiller, OR(Zone 8a)

Thanks Joan.

Edinburg, TX

I use 2gb cards as well as 8gb on different cameras for different photos. I do that simply because I don't want to mix up butterfly photos with wildflower/plant photos (just my quirky habit). I usually download them to the laptop or notebook at the end of the day. Only problem is one of my computers won't read cards of 2gb! Dinosaur!!!

Tiller, OR(Zone 8a)

Well, DH got me a 32 gb card. After about the 600th photo it scrambled and/or invalidated, and is worthless. I won't purchase anything larger than 4gb in future.

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