please identify the problem

Srinagar, India

On inspection of the bee hive A single bee was found to have some serious problem .something was attched to its head . Please help me know the problem and the remedy,

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Ionia, MI

My guess is that it is a natural genetic anomaly, since you say no other bees have it.

South Hadley, MA(Zone 6a)

White eyed drones are a common abnormality. The drones are blind and unlikely to mate. This abnormality is caused by inbreeding. A virgin queen mates with one of the drones from the same hive.

Do you have only a single hive? Do you have any other beekeepers within a few miles of you? It is very rare fora virgin queen to mate with one of the drones from the same hive.

Virgin queens with fly a couple miles to find a mate.

Srinagar, India

Thank u friends
I have a few hives .The hive with the defective drones could not survive the winter.Other hives donot have this problem.

West Babylon, NY(Zone 7a)

That is amazing I had no idea this was possible! If possible, could you join this nature site ad upload a picture of the white eyed bees and your location, it would be a big help to Scientists! I am an Admin on the site and I know everyone would really find this interesting, if you do add it, please post the link here so I can add it to the Honeybee Mission on the site.

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