What's in a Name?

Ferndale, WA

For the longest time, I have found myself amused at many of the handles (Names) used here on Dave's Garden. Often I have thought what prompted that handle?? Some are so creative, some are so catchy, some are even pretty or striking. So I wondered if I told you my story, would you share your story with us. Also I love having a face to go with the name. Claire has shared some great pic's of her and her lambs, Catscan shared a pic of her though I never could figure out which one was her. Would you be willing to share a pic and tell us what's in a Name?

When I was about twelve I saw my first wrestling match, I was very impressed. I wanted to see more and a man told me I could see them free if I would come to the arena two hours before start time and set up chairs. It was a lot of work but I wanted to be there. After the match I had to put the chairs away. That was okay also. I wanted to be there. After a short time of doing this once a week I met a wrestler, he was huge, I asked him what his name was and he told me he was Haystack Calhoun. I still remember that he weighed in just a tad over four hundred lbs. He wore bib overalls that were cut off just below the knees. He was always barefoot. I noticed he never hurt anyone he would just put them in a barehug and lay them on the mat and then plop on top of them pinning them to the mat. I loved the gentle giant. I was to young to know it was a show, but I was impressed that he never hurt anyone and he always won. I wanted to be just like him. OK thats my silly story. But strangely enough I still think of him, so when I found the Garden I decided I wanted to honor my hero by using his name. Silly but thats my story, and I have had my mug on here plenty so no need for that. I'd love to hear your story. Haystack.

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Bridgewater, ME

What a great idea Hay,I have often thought of the same thing wondering what someone looks like and how they got there name.Green is because thats my favorite color and 04735 is my zip code.

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Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Maybe a year ago or so, there was a thread on this subject. Lots of people responded.
I found it, but see it started long ago.





Last post was July of 2005. Where does time go ?

Country Gardens has been our farm name since 1985.
Just call me Bernie!

Weird, I can't get the links to work.

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Farmington, NM(Zone 5a)

Ceridwyn (with a huge variety of gaelic spellings, pronounced KARE-id-wen) is the Welsh goddess of transformation, herb knowledge, literacy and shape shifting. I grew up on mythology from around the world but especially celtic, and of the celtic i've always loved welsh the best. I suppose you could say Ceridwyn is my patron? if that makes more sense to you. anyway i've adapted the name to a spelling that is non-traditional out of respect - i'm honoring her by taking this name, not attempting to portray her online. have used either cerridwenn or cerridwenn's cat as my online "handle" for at least 12 years and so far never had anyone go "hey, that's me!" so i figure it's alright.

oh, and i have a photo up on my dg homepage.

Bridgewater, ME

I want to know where all the peaple went that was on here in years past?Did they stop raising chickens or just lost interest.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Here is a story I wrote on how I get my user name. The 107 is our house address.

How I get my user namel

Now I am a bird watcher. I have fixed up a place to set on our carport. And I have feeders both out in the side yard and hanging around the edge of the carport.

A couple of summers ago I started feeding meal worms to the birds. The first takes where the little Caroline wrens. A tiny, bold and fearless brown bird with a iron will and a huge song. Well one day I was running low of the worms but expecting a new shipment any day, so I was only putting our a small number of the worms. One of the wrens came to the dish and looked--no worms----she looked around and then flow over and landed on the top edge of my laptop. And boldly looked me straight in the eye.

Meekly I said "yes mam" and went and get some more worms for her.

Another time I was working on the laptop and I felt something on my leg, looking down I watched as the wren hopped up my leg. I have also held a small dish with worms and one landed on my finger.

And that is how I get my user name and here I am with the demon child

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Bridgewater, ME

Beautiful dog,what breed?

(Audrey) Dyersburg, TN(Zone 7a)

My "handle" Doe 41 is actually my e-mail add. Doeenuf41. My boyfriend and I chose names for ourselves and he is Deer1. Do you see it?

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Andre is a Belgian Tervuern the is the 3 one to run my live. Right now he is watching the cookies that I was eating. LOL

Kingman, AZ(Zone 7a)

Miss Jest'r was the name of my first horse. I did not own her at the time when I rode her for the first time out into the desert, we came up on a hill and started going up it and the ground gave way. She had been in a wreck a few months before that with her owner and fell down a hill. She must have remembered that cause she came out of the wash bucking. I flipped off and cut my head, requiring 5 stitches. As soon as I hit the ground she stopped and waited for me to get back on her. Bloody and sore I got back on her and we walked back to the stables. I left the next day for Nashville for business, came back 5 days later, got the stitches out of my head and then entered an agreement to buy her. I loved her from day one... She was previously known as Shady and my son was in the Renaissance thing at the time and he was a court Jester. So I gave her the name Miss Jest'r. She is gone, but never forgotten. Actually she is what lead me to Daves, I was looking for a place to post missing information about her when I ran across daves equine forum. I have made many friends here both in the equine and poultry and gardening forum.

Dear Mr. Haystack,
My name is Billy Bob. I am a cowboy. My Nanny calls me Billy Bob, my momma calls me Eli, my Antie Ginah calls me B Bob and Uncle Ronnie calls me Bob O. At school my teachers call me Billy Bob. I will be good at school. Hey Mr Haystack come to my house cause I dear him,(I asked what Dear meant and he said It means I love him) My real name is Elliott William Robert Smith, that's what my name is...I want Mr Haystack to call me Billy Bob. Love Billy Bob Thats my name...

PS From Nanny, Billy is named after my father Elliott and his other great grandfather William Robert. when he was born I named him Billy Bob and it has stuck.

Rankin, IL(Zone 5a)

I like doing this and learning about everyone:
my name IS Fran Smith
Frans530 is the soundex code for Fran Smith (look it up, very interesting)
The Soundex code for a name consists of a letter followed by three numerical digits: the letter is the first letter of the name, and the digits encode the remaining consonants. Similar sounding consonants share the same digit so, for example, the labial consonants B, F, P, and V are each encoded as the number 1. Vowels can affect the coding, but are not coded themselves except as the first letter. However if "h" or "w" separate two consonants that have the same soundex code, the consonant to the right of the vowel is not coded.

The correct value can be found as follows:

1.If "h", "w" separate two consonants with the same soundex code, change consonants to right of the vowel into "h" until they have the same soundex code
2.Replace consonants with digits as follows (but do not change the first letter):
b, f, p, v => 1
c, g, j, k, q, s, x, z => 2
d, t => 3
l => 4
m, n => 5
r => 6
3.Collapse adjacent identical digits into a single digit of that value.
4.Remove all non-digits after the first letter.
5.Return the starting letter and the first three remaining digits. If needed, append zeroes to make it a letter and three digits.
Using this algorithm, both "Robert" and "Rupert" return the same string "R163" while "Rubin" yields "R150". "Ashcraft" yields "A261".

Here is an auto converter : http://resources.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/soundexconverter

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Farmington, NM(Zone 5a)

wow that is so cool! i never heard of anything like that. my middle name, which is an old family surname that we didn't know about at the time my parents named me, is L500 and my last name is M620 and my husband and son's surname is P442 and there are no other similar names that would make a P442 so i can't wait till they get home from school so i can tell them. you friggan rock, fran!

South West, LA(Zone 9a)

Good idea Hay, I love these!
Mine comes from my love of fragrant plants... When I joined Dave's my favorite fragrant was Nicotina heaven scent. I was a bit worried that people would think I thought too much of myself lol ;) I changed the spelling and went with it... After all it is a plant site someone will get it, right?
Here I am after a very worth wild trip to the horse stables :D

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Farmington, NM(Zone 5a)

and now you're ready to be heaving scent...

Gridley, IL

My name on here is about some dreams I have had off and on in my life. I am always black wolf in my dreams and my family were all wolves also.They were wolves of diffrent colors.Im also part cherokee and belive the wolf is one of my totem animals anyway all my e mails or handles have to do with wolves.

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Ferndale, WA

WOW!! Very interesting stories, I hope all of you have enjoyed this as much as I have, and I hope many more will see fit to participate. Fran you amaze me. Hay

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

When I first tried to sign up for Yahoo.. Like 10 years ago.. I wanted to be JJ is me.. but it was taken, so was JJ anything.. I got frustrated and said "I bet they don't have a ZZ" and I was right.. So my computer name was ZZ is me..
When I was selling on Ebay, a girl named my website ZZsPurteez (jewelry and crafts)
Then when I found DG I had several plants I loved and didn't know how to care for.. (my babiez) So my DG name became ZZsBabiez which ended up being quite appropriate!

I'm sorry, all my pics are on my old computer.. I honestly can't find them on here yet.. my pic is on FB though.. and several on here in old threads..

Conroe, TX

Smedgekles is a combination of two names we had for roosters. My beloved little Speckles that wasn't with us near long enough and another roo named Smudge. I put the two names together to get smedgekles.

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Joplin, MO(Zone 6b)

Greykyttyn came from the darling Miss twitch, my gray cat that came to be as a rescue last summer late. She happen to be sitting on my lap when i was filling this out & setting up a new email. I figured if i didn't want to be found or connect to my old accounts thus letting a former friend cause more problems i'd need to change my email. She was my first kitten to have such a unique personality. Very needy, very trusting... I figured using Twitch would get me laughed at. Thus greykyttyn was born.

This is Twitch my now half grown cat.

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Joplin, MO(Zone 6b)

This is me.

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Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

ok, my name-
jordan, my last name
kitty, a nickname uised by my husband and niece
jo, my middle name

Clarkson, KY

Mine....silly and simple: I'm a nut about any kind of growing thing imaginable and the growing thereof....and nobody else had used it :)

(Zone 5b)

Mine is simple, not imaginative or clever in the least. My name and the B's are for Barking, Blooming, Barns.

Rankin, IL(Zone 5a)

oh Annie, I love that.. very cute & wise

(Zone 5b)

Are you kidding me? LOL As I was reading these I was thinking how unique people's names were and the way they came up with them. Funny thing, when I read Haystack's that is how I "imagined him in my mind." Just a really good guy!! Your name blew me away! Lots of talented and creative people here, Wow!

Rankin, IL(Zone 5a)

I so agree on the Haystack.. lol, he may be fooling his wife that he is a grumpy old man.. but we all know better... lol

Some states use the soundex for their drivers license.. if your state does, it is a very cool party trick.. Illinois happens to be one of those state.. I can always tell people the first 4 digits of thier license.. never fails to amaze them.

AuGres, MI(Zone 5b)

My user name is short for my real last name which is LOONEY. :) I always tell people I wasn't born Looney, I just got that way after I got married. :)

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(Zone 5b)

I'm cursed with a brain that gives me a visual with everything, but amazingly, it's right a lot of the time, good, bad, delightful or disgusting. I get a mental picture of people when I read or talk to them. Just a weird little thing my brain does LOL
I sooooo pictured Haystack that way, and many others too.
Our state must not use the soundex or if it does I don't know how to spell my last name correctly!
Guess what we planted around the bank of the cicken coop - Hen & Chicks. Clearly, we've lost our mind.

Ferndale, WA

OH Man Looney, that cracked me up. What a great sense of humor.

Come join us, if your handle doesn't have a story behind it, just tell us a cute or funny story about you so we can get to know you a little better. Were just having fun.

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Kingman, AZ(Zone 7a)

Thank you Haystack for starting this.. Its nice to just have fun...

Spiro, OK(Zone 7a)

On some other sites, my nick is mevnjmart, but I joined Dave's before I had my third son. Mine goes like this:


Now we have a Joseph as well! Here's a pic!

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Ferndale, WA

Now that is cool, and so creative. I love the pic. It's so easy to see who the supervisor is and who does the (clearing throat) "LABOR"...LOL.

Spiro, OK(Zone 7a)

LOL, Hay. My father-in-law and I were working on replacing the floor in our coop. He was the measuring and cutting guy, and I did all the prying and hammering. We were a great team. He's got a great mind for math and I don't, so without his direction, Lord knows how it would have turned out!

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

Mmmeemth Hay! (How do you spell sticking out your tongue?) LOL ;-)~

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

My name is Dahlianut cuz I like violas. Dear wren I think that is the first pic I have seen of you and the demon child together! I get misty over the adoring expression on his face as he looks at you. This is me.

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Lodi, United States

Dahlianut! You are just as I imagined you!

I don't know why Haystack had a problem recognising me in the previous picture, I have been told I am unforgettable....but here is a better headshot.

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Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Cousin Cascan how do you brush your teeth?

Lodi, United States


Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Dear dahlia it is the food that he is looking at here is his usual way of looking at me.
He is laughing at me.

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