suggestions for a lawn mower?, NB(Zone 5a)

I need a lawn mower. My husband passed away in Novemeber and the one we had is big, hard to push and even harder to start. I will sell it but what do I get? I don't mind doing it but need something that is easy to start (electric??), easy to push (self propelled??) but hardy enough to handle some rough terrain. My lawn is a work in progress - more weeds than grass but they are green in the summer and still need to be mowed (actually they needed to be mowed awhile ago). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.......Laurie

Chandler, AZ(Zone 9b)

Sorry no one has replied to you yet. Could you give some idea as to how much lawn area you have? I personally haven't seen an electric that was self propelled that wasn't $$$ and weighed more than a gas mower. But the most electrics are fairly light weight and easy to push. The cordless models weigh more and replacing the batteries ( of which you should probably consider having two) can be expensive. The corded models can be a pain dragging the cord around, but can cut all day long. I don't know how much energy you have or what the terrain is like, but some of the small ride-on mowers aren't too expensive and make the job kind of fun., NB(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the answer - I actually went to Home Depot on Saturday and got a very knowledgable and helpful sales person. After showing me everything and explaining them all to me I was settled on an electric when she said we have last years model on sale for $129. Needless to say with a price like that I bought it. It is a little Black and Decker, plugged it in over night and mowed the next day with lots of power left. It is cordless but can't take the battery out - need to plug the mower in and I don't like that much but for the price it gives me an idea of what I am looking for and will do me for this season.

Chandler, AZ(Zone 9b)

Great, glad you found something that works :-) Happy mowing.

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