Rabbit YUMM

Frankfort, KY(Zone 6a)

The freezer in the garage started acting up, running at 0 next day 10 then back to 0 up to 20....
So I didn't want to loose my food which included about 30lb of rabbit we raised.
So the last 2 days I've been cooking, de-boneing and canning Rabbit.
This is what I got, 8qts of meat and 9qts of stock. And only 1 qt of stock did not seal, I'm getting better. ^^_^^

Thumbnail by rentman
scio, oregon, OR(Zone 8a)

Hey, that looks pretty good! I canned a goat once even though it sounds weird.

Frankfort, KY(Zone 6a)

Yumm, Goat
I would like a goat to kep my yard trimmed...^^_^^...
I only have rabbits, two does and Adam the buck, I have them named so I can call them my pets but I don't name the bunnies.
This was taken Dec 08 before I put names on the cages, Adam on right, Mary on the left and soon to be 'Freezer Bunnies' in the center.
The Poo really helps in the garden.

Thumbnail by rentman

Oh, my goodness :(

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

your canned rabbit looks great, I think it would taste good canned like that, i'm not a big rabbit fan, but that does look good

Frankfort, KY(Zone 6a)

She was a good mother, Eve, but as she got older she got an ear infection that I could mot clear up, tried everything.
Adam also got it, but I built a box I can put the rabbit in while I treat him, about every month, he's hanging in.
None of the other rabbits get it, which makes me happy.

Rapid City, SD(Zone 4b)

Yum !! We used to go rabbit hunting all the time as kids.. Took them home and us kids had to clean them but mom cooked them..

Tastes like chicken !!

Frankfort, KY(Zone 6a)

Yes I went with my Dad hunting rabbits, at night. ^_^
My wife makes Rabbit ala King with canned rabbit and uses the broth to cook rice instead of water.
Tomorrow I sharpen my knife and put 6 teenagers in the freezer.
nd their Poo goes in the garden.


Stratford, TX(Zone 6b)

Ok, so I've been browsing past this post for many days, and I cannot get the image out of my head of the entire rabbit, complete, in jars. My mental image gives me a chuckle everytime I visit this forum, so I just finally decided I had to share!

Silly, yes, I know, but I just can't control my imagination sometimes!


Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

I actually like rabbit better than chicken. We've raised them for years for their meat and their poo as well. We are looking for a new buck at the moment. There a few breeders around our area so I'm hopeful on getting a teenager instead of an 8-week old.

Frankfort, KY(Zone 6a)

Angie, you may be able to get one in a 1/2 gal jar... I cut them up, cook the parts, let it cool the remove the meat from the bones and that's is what goes into the Qt jars, Must process 90 min at 10 lbs. I do chicken parts the same way.

Sandy I need to replace my 'breeders' and it is hard to find stock that are ready to breed.
I'm going to the KY state fair in a week and maybe I can find 2 does and a buck. The three will keep me going for a couple more years.

The poo can be put straight into the garden, works wonders, I also make a poo tea and water the plants.


Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

Hope you find some nice stock at the fair. We've gotten some nice goats from our local fair-great resource. Haven't thought about checking it out for the rabbits; I'll have to check ours out (which is good timing, ours starts tomorrow through Sunday!

Your so right on the poo! We started a new garden area this past spring and all we did is add lime (ph was off already-did not add because of the bunny poo) and two 55 gallon drumfulls of lovely poo. It has produced like gangbusters. And earthworms LOVE it! So anyone raising worms take note!

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