Helping out Seniors for Reduced Rent

Maple, ON

Hi I need some one elses insight and opinion

First the basement apartment I am living in Is like living in Hell , almost every week-end the father gets drunk has friends over and they are loud , They ruined Easter for me with their friends they had over kids running back and forth, noise , having to hacve cars moved in order to get out (mind You I leaned on the doorbell 7 times ) Etc Not to mention during the week all the noise starts at 9:30 and continues to 12 + '

I have the opportunity to leave and move into a bigger place ,The Rub is in order to rent this apartment part of the tenants responsibilities include doing chores for their parents
the parents are 80+ the father uses a Wheelchair and is blind in 1 eye not to mention deaf
the mother is 80 + as well slight build and has something wrong with her arm
anyway what i was told needed to be done to help them out was to put out the garbage
and pick-up items they might need at the store , We spoke on Sunday and the daughter said that If I decided to take it she would charge me the same price I am paying now for a bigger apartment than I have now, She also said that the father wanted to be paid for this apartment under the table (Cash) she is on a trip until Mothers day week-end so she told me to think about it and we would talk about it then ,What I would like to know is this

Is there anything I need to be aware of in taking this responsibilty
What questions should I ask
Any problems you can see with this arrangement ?

As much as I want out of my present situation ,I don't want to make my problems bigger getting into something more complicated

I will be working , and the Rent is 800.00 per month

Let me know your thoughts

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

My thought is that you need to get everything in writing and signed
by all responsible parties. Include everything that is NOT to be done,
such as cooking, cleaning, driving, lifting, medicating or being "on call"
beyond certain reasonable hours.

I am a hospice counselor and know that people in their 80s have many
more needs than just trash takeout and grocery shopping. If you work
you will not be available during the day, and surely you will not want to
be available all night. What exactly does their daughter do for them?
Do they have any other help with meals, household chores, bathing, etc.?

I'm not one for "under the table" payments but that's your choice. If you
do it, get a receipt. I repeat -- get a receipt. You do not want people
coming at you later saying you didn't pay the rent!

I know you are very tempted to get out of your current unpleasant situation
but it's important to be very clear about what you would be getting into in a
new situation. Other options are available so don't rush into anything without
all the t's crossed and the i's dotted.

Keep us posted.

Dahlonega, GA

What June said . Absolutely!!

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