Ideas about crown moulding....or ceiling moulding....

Dunellen, NJ

So, I'll attach a photo of our cabinets so you can imagine what i'm saying here.

I couldn't afford 39" cabinets, so we had to go with 30" - which is fine, after all, I'm 5 foot tall - what the heck would I do with shelves I could never reach without the use of a ladder! lol
Anyway, the place we got the cabinets said we can order crown moulding to go on top of the cabinets at anytime, and we thought we probably will. Here's my trouble: we need to put molding around the celing because we put up a glue up tin ceiling and need something to edge it. I had planned on a very very basic kind of "old new england" flat 2" moulding around the ceiling, as the base moulding AND on the top edge of the bead board - would all that look to be too much at the cabinet tops and ceiling? Do you know if people put cabinet crown molding up AND ceiling moulding?
Help! Please!!!
And thank you!

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I would have the ceiling molding take backstage to the cabinet molding, so do a 2 inch one like you suggested or have one that you can paint the same color at the walls to almost hide it. Have the cabinet molding be a focal point and do a 3 inch or so height. I like the cabinet finish, BTW

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