May, May flowers

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Let's hope May brings better weather for most. Enough already of these winter temps & tornadoes.

Sunrise, bright.
Windy forecast.

Off to market!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Well T-Storms moved thru here about 6AM.
Lots of noise but no real winds it appears.
Raining Hard ever since.
Looks like the new gutter works great! lol!


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Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Sorry Rusty!
Stuck on a Truck.
Last one to take there hands off the truck wins it!
Looks like Mau's DGS is still standing.

Better news from AR this morning. Only one confirmed dead from the tornado.
The original # was 3 so......

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(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Bernie. Good luck!!!

Hearts and thoughts are with everyone caught in the path of the storms. Mau & Friday, Crissy, thanks for checking in and easing our minds. It's good to know you're all safe.

Crystal called me last night and said she was possibly in the first stages of labor. We'll see..

36.5 F with 53 for the high. 60% chance of more rain.
Mostly Cloudy
Windchill: 36 F
Humidity: 81%
Dew Point: 31 F
Wind: 1.0 mph from the West
Wind Gust: 7.0 mph
Pressure: 29.91 in (Steady)
Visibility: 10.0 miles
UV: 0 out of 16
Clouds: Scattered Clouds 4500 ft
Mostly Cloudy 5000 ft
Mostly Cloudy 6500 ft
(Above Ground Level)
Elevation: 4383 ft

Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

Rain started here at 8:52AM. It will be heavy for a while but then slack off if radar to the west can be believed. Took a couple of pictures before the sky got too dark.

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(Zone 7a)

Very pretty poppy!

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Bernie: sell lots of veggies,etc., today!
Ric: thanks for posting that link for Rusty! I'm glad you haven't had any severe weather. My DGS is still standing, as you say! :o)) He has changed his clothes--now wearing khaki shorts and back to the flip flops. Last night he was wearing tennis shoes.
Celia: thanks for the well wishes. You'll keep us posted about Crystal, I am sure!
Sunfarm: beautiful poppy!

We have had periods of rain off and on all morning. Currently, it is 64F. It isn't raining right now but we are expecting more severe weather this afternoon across the state. The front is very slow moving and seems to have stalled out temporarily. It is supposed to be out of here later in the day but until then we are not "out of the woods".

My flower beds look somewhat bedraggled after all the rain but, all things considered, they still look pretty good. This is Peach Belle this morning--apparently none the worse in spite of the weather.

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Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

He looks pretty good still Mau..... going on 48 hours now....

Edited to say it appears it's only 1/2 over..... usually runs about 85-95 hours

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Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

Okay, thank for the link.. Boy, I couldn't do that for long time lol....

Well, final got my phone fix the line already then guy almost leave that I have no caller id! ah! so guy fix the plugs for the line inside that I can see the tv show top with phone #... so I call for test good ya! Phew... All done with it that's first time line broken off...(it been over a week fight the line to put the right connect to my home.)

More iris's light pink (look like peach color)...

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Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

Climber Rose...

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Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Yes, at noon it will be 48 hours and as you said, Ric, probably only half over. I noticed another contestant bit the dust, so that is 3 who have dropped out, but that still leaves 20 who are in the running. We'll see what the next few hours brings.

Rusty: I'm glad you got your phone line repaired! Lovely iris!

Still raining here, off and on.

L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

One of the first things DH said to me this morning is that he wondered how Stuck on a Truck was going. We thought a lot of people would drop out overnight, but that wasn't so. If you read the profiles of the contestants, one of them said that he did it last year and dropped out after 96 hours.

Marilyn, how many times a year does it come to the situation that you have to get into the bathtub because of tornadoes? I think I'll stick with earthquakes.

Evelyn, that mariposa was in the wild. I have tried growing them but haven't had much luck. Sometimes they don't sprout at all, or if they do, they don't return the next year. I don't know what I do wrong. It's not all a loss, though. I've found that if I grow something at home, it becomes less special in the wild.

Rusty, nice irises. Irises are one of my favorite flowers. That thing where you can see the phone number on the t.v. is great. My parents have that. We don't have that because DH doesn't want to get phone through the cable company. I don't know why. I think it would be cheaper, and if the cable goes out, we can use our cell phones.

My dad loves peonies, probably mainly because his mom had them. He has some plants from her house. He gave me a start but it didn't survive here. I wish I had something from both of my grandparents' yards. Anybody out there, get cuttings, plants, bulbs, whatever from your relatives' yards now while you have the chance. Even if you just live in an apartment, try to get something you can keep going until you get a yard. Believe me, if you don't some day you'll wish you had and it will be too late. I have cactus from my parents' yard, and it doesn't seem all that special yet, but some terrible day when they both are gone and the house is sold, I will be so glad that I have it.

Van Nuys, California (Airport)
Updated: 9:51 AM PDT on May 01, 2010
69 F
Humidity: 24%
Dew Point: 31 F
Wind: 16 mph from the North
Wind Gust: 20 mph

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

You are absolutely right, Kelli, about getting cuttings from your parents or grandparents yards. I wish I had some of the things from my mother's yard but it is far too late for that now. I just checked the Stuck on a Truck and 5 people have now dropped out so the playing field is narrowing somewhat. As far as the number of times I have gotten into the bathtub because of tornadoes--twice and I /we (when DH was living) have left the house and driven away from them twice-- so in 68 years, that's not too bad. Tornadoes seem to be increasing in frequency nowadays or maybe it is just that the weather folk are doing a better job of scaring people--er, make that "predicting where the tornadoes are going to be". Seriously, they have really been quite accurate in the last few years of telling folks where there is a tornado on the ground and to take cover. I am quite sure that a number of lives have been saved as a result of their accurate broadcasting over the local tv stations.

Currently a steamy 78F and the sun is shining once again.

Well, the rain has stopped and the sun actually came out from behind the clouds for a while although it has hidden its face again. I was outside raking up the mulch that was washed out of the EE bed and boy, was it a steam bath out there--especially when the sun came out! I was wringing wet from head to toe! I managed to get the edging hammered into the ground to keep the mulch from washing out again. I had not done it before today because the ground was too hard and I was waiting for it to rain--got my wish--LOL!

L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

Your GS has a white circle on his back. Did you tell him to do that?

(Zone 7a)

Oh my! 90+ hours! No way! LOL

The sun came out. Yea!

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Nope, Kelli, in fact I didn't even know he was going to be in this until after it started. His mother, my daughter, let me know about it via Facebook. She probably didn't know he was going to be in it either, until the last minute. Christopher is a man (seems strange to call my DGS a "man") of few words and he is not given to notifying his family about what he is up to until the actual fact. What I am trying to figure out is what is that blue thing he has on his head. LOL

Here's a photo of Christopher when he was little. He had curly hair back then, too--he gets it from my side of the family. I have naturally curly hair.

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Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new thread, Bernie!! ^_^

That poppy is beautiful, sunfarm!

Your rose and iris are beautiful, too, Rusty. Yayyy!! about the phones begin fixed! :-) We've talked about the cable phones, too, but we don't have (or want) cable tv, so we haven't done it.

I'm glad you all were ok after the storms. I spent a good deal of hiding in closets when I was growing up in the midwest, and as an adult I did some storm spotting with the amateur radio group near Columbus, Ohio. That was really fun. :-) We joined the ham radio group down here, and Charles did a lot of the practice emergency "nets" with them, but they moved the nets to another frequency and we don't have the right kind of radios, so we haven't done that for a few years. Maybe someday. :-)

It's 88 and muggy here with a 30% chance of rain; the daylilies are budding and I have an amaryllis blooming. Spring is over and summer has arrived. I'm going to order a truckload of mulch and compost this week. Yayy!! I should have done it last week, before it got quite so hot, but I hurt my back carrying the fish tank around (stupid me!) and didn't want to exacerbate it. It's much better now. :-)

We went to the "fishy store" this afternoon and bought some aquarium plants and 2 clown loaches. We have (at last count) 132 snails in the tank. A few snails are great for keeping the algae down, but 132 seemed a bit excessive. LOL The loaches are supposed to help keep the snail population in check, and they should play nicely with the platys. (Or totally ignore them, which comes out to the same thing. ^_^ ) (Speaking of the platys... are they "platties" or "play-tees"?) Plant-wise, we bought a bundle (which came out to 6 sprigs) of anacharis, a sprig of hygrophilia, and one cute little "banana plant". Next time we go we'll get some more short plants for the front of the tank. I vacuumed out the rocks and then "planted" the plants before refilling the tank (25%). The loaches are floating in their bag on the top of the aquarium. The bunnies call it a "water ride" and are narrating what they suppose "Freddi and Luther" (named after the fish in a series of computer games that they have: are saying in their bag. It's really funny to listen to them. ^_^ The "Jacks and Susies" seem to be enjoying the new plants already.

This picture shows the tank before the new additions. :-)

Marilyn, Christopher seems to be doing well so far. Is the blonde girl in his "pit crew" who was talking to him last night his sister? I thought she might be the granddaughter whose pictures I have seen sometimes on FB. :-) I cannot imagine standing there for 99+ hours... yikes...

Thumbnail by Marylyn_TX
Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

No, Marylyn, the blonde girl is not Christopher's sister, nor his cousin, Samantha, whose photos you have seen. I do not know who she is as I haven't seen her when I have checked the web cam. If Christopher has a girlfriend it would be news to me--and his mom! She could just be a friend from work or she could be his brother Ryan's girlfriend. Who knows? It sounds like you and the bunnies are having fun with the fish! :o))

edited to say: Christopher doesn't have a sister--just one brother, Ryan.

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Rain this morning and sun later in the afternoon. Spent all day outside at work today cleaning up from the storms. Dirt and trash everywhere! Plu condensed plants and moved some of them back outside again. Alot of work but I enjoyed being outside and smelling the smoke from the grill that my boss was grilling from. LOL. It was Zarda BBQ. If you haven't heard of Zarda's it's a BBQ institution in Blue Springs, MO. Great meat there!!

Clemetine Red Columbine

Thumbnail by pepper23
Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

A tornado is reported to be headed toward the Conway area where Stuck on a Truck is taking place. The webcam on the website just showed the contestants moving away from the truck. I am assuming they are taking them into the bank for shelter because they just had a 15 minute break at the top of the hour. There are tornadoes in several areas in the state--not in my area just now but some may be headed my way. It is a very unstable situation and the storm system should last until at least midnight according to the local weather guy.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Hope the tornado goes around them!! Keep us updated. I put it on weather channel just now.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

See he's still stuck! Good for him.
He talking w/ the blond now....LOL!
Peeping Truck Cam!

Light rain hit a few times after the gully washer we had at day break.
More on store.

Got the old pond demolished and the designing done for it's replacement.
This one will be tricky but should go quickly.
Pictures though .... not till it's done... lol!


Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Pepper: that is a pretty columbine!

Ric: well, shoot! I keep missing seeing him talk to the blonde! LOL I will definitely be asking who she is! Looking forward to the photos of the new pond.

It is quiet in my area just now. A severe thunderstorm went through earlier and dumped a lot of rain but no tornado materialized. There is a severe storm and tornado warning in effect just now about 60 miles to the southwest of me. It is moving up the I-30 corridor. It will bear watching because if it moves in a straight line it will be coming my way, but tornadoes do not always move in a straight line.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

She's in the back row (View 2), very light blond, red/yellow dress, and he was aimed toward her.
She and the girl next to her were standing by the rope for a while.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

And she's gone....LOL!

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Well, I have been trying to figure out who he is facing toward and talking to. I never did see a blonde in that area. She is elusive! LOL (playing hard to get, I suppose).

I can hear another thunderstorm coming in. *sigh*

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Okay, I think I see her now. I am going to keep my eye on her--LOL

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Last night when I took a peek, Christopher was standing at the front corner of the truck and the girl was right in front of him, on the other side of the rope, so it was easy to see them both. I should have taken a screen shot. LOL She was holding a clipboard or something, and she kept showing it to him. I couldn't tell what was on it.. Maybe they were playing Pictionary. LOL

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

If she was holding a clipboard she may be a part of the pit crew. I really don't know. I can't find her just now--she has disappeared again.

edited to add: another thunderstorm just went over and it dropped some hail but the hail didn't last but a couple of minutes and it didn't sound like it was heavy so hopefully there hasn't been any damage to my roof. I did lose electricity for about 10 minutes just after 10 p.m.

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Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

The "Pit Boss" with the microphone has been going around the truck talking to different contestants. Judging by the body language of the people around him, he must be funny. He's talking to Christopher now... I wonder what he's saying. ^_^

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

I don't see the mysterious blonde right now either.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Hail's not good!
But glad they are on the power situation!

Man you've got a ton of warnings down there!


Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

The local tv stations have gone back to regular programming which means things have calmed down considerably. I think I am going to bed. Thanks for staying up with me and for keeping up with Christopher! Talk to you all in the morning!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

Night Mau!

I'm betting there are a fewer # by the time you get!


Irvine, KY(Zone 6a)

The weather radio sounded a tornado watch alert for us at 5:35AM, so it looks like more of the severe weather has moved our way. This should not be a fun day.
Mau, I see your DGS is still in it, as I checked the webcam as soon as I looked at the weather sites,

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

55 and we had a light rain pass over in the night.

Thanks for the new thread Bernie. Hope you came home empty handed!

Marsue, I can't believe how many are still trying for the truck! Your rose is even prettier with all the matching colors in the background. I'd go out every morning and say hello!

Ric, what is the delicate little flower?


Sunfarm, aren't poppies something!

Rusty, it's a good thing you caught that before the repair guy left! I'm glad you are back to normal now. Shy iris, but going to be beautiful! Do you have trouble with iris borers? Can't wait to see the rose open!

Marsue, I hope he holds out!!

Kelly, I have flowers from relatives and friends. I remember them every time I look at them. I've written down in my journal where all my flowers came from.

Mau, what an adorable little boy! No wonder he is a fine looking young man!

Marylyn, I'm glad your back os OK! I had to giggle about keeping the snails in check. Aawww, the bunnies are so cute! How are they liking their new room? Can't wait to see the "after" tank!

Pepper, the BBQ makes my mouth water. Neat columbine!!

Ric, can't wait to see the "new" pond!!

Marsue, ''playing hard to get'' made me smile. Maybe she's a contestant's brother/sister and is trying to get him to let go.

Sunfarm, I hope it's just heavy rain and passes quickly.

Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

[quote=Do you have trouble with iris borers? [/quote]

No, I don't have any trouble with borers....

As yesterday, I got little jump from the lightning hit pretty hard one and scared Rusty but Ju is not and lay down by me...Weird dog! lol...

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Rusty, then you are so lucky! I wonder why I have them? They are terrible!

Mau, he's still hanging on and looks pretty awake. I can't believe there are so many people left!

He hatched out before the big rain. DH took his picture. Shortly after I got home and saw him, he was gone.

Thumbnail by billyporter
Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

All of you who are in the path of severe weather today, stay safe!

Thanks to all of you who are rooting for my grandson! He is still "Stuck on a Truck" but 7 contestants have now been eliminated. There were 6 out of it last night so only one dropped out overnight. This is going to take a long time, it seems! Christopher is "aquatic coordinator" at a local gym in Conway which is affiliated with the regional hospital in Conway. He is in charge of the pool at the facility and of all the programs associated with the pool, including folks who have been ordered by their doctor for swim therapy. He is in excellent physical condition and eats healthily. I am hoping his physical and mental training and stamina is what will let him endure the remaining hours and that he will win that truck! Go, Christopher!

The worst of our weather has moved out of here but we still have a 30% chance of thundershowers today. It was raining when I got up earlier but has let up now although it is still overcast and somewhat dark outside. Current temp is 56F

Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

BP: we crossed. The BF is gorgeous! Is that an Eastern Black Swallowtail?

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