WS tomtoes/peppers seedlings can I mail them?

Flippin, AR(Zone 7a)

I planted my tomotoes and peppers in gallons jugs, I'm new to WS so I planted way too many. I probably have 30 tomtoes/ 30 or pepper plants. My mother-in-law lives in upstate NY she usually buys her plants. Do you think they would survive is I shipped them to NY, I've looked at the other thread that shows plant trading and how to ship them. I'm just wondering if anyone thinks they would survive or not?

Wells, TX(Zone 8b)

someone shipped tomates a while back to phoenix I think .. if you pack them carefully and use a priorty mail I dont see why not.. all its going to cost is the shipping .. and if you can use a flat rate box itd be pretty cheap ..

I found it for you on what they didi...

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Flippin, AR(Zone 7a)

Thank you I appreciate the information.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Good for you, getting all those plants!

I've shipped sturdy seedlings without a problem... I wrote up how I ship in this article:

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