Salvia Leucantha

Starkville, MS

Does anyone in zone 7b have salvia leucantha coming back? It has done so for me for years-----but, I see no evidence of it after the brutally cold winter we had. Yet, the very tall (6 foot) yellow one---whose name will not come to my 78 year old brain---is up and growing just fine.


Candor, NC

Sometimes these will peter out when they get 5 or more years old. Dividing every 3 years is not a bad idea. It should have become a good sized clump by that time.

Many New World sages maintain themselves by layering, thereby providing themselves with new root systems for the following years.

Starkville, MS

Thanks for info. I may have to get a start of it from someone whose plants are coming back--


Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I love to grow this every year but it never comes back for me, last year I dug mine up and stored it in to the garage and replanted it this spring it's finally taking off now, i'm zone 7 but should be 6 l/2 LOL

Union Grove, AL

I had given up on mine, but as of about a week ago, 2 have come back and so far 4 have not. Good luck Zone 7

Starkville, MS

bermudakiller------finally, I am seeing a few sprouts coming up. Considering the winter that we had, it is a miracle that any survived. I guess there is no chance my Anthony Parker or Tula will appear. But, I have lots of salvia madrensis coming back.


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