Growing in Pots?

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

Do any of you ever grow your Dahlias in pots? I don't mean start them in pots and then plant them out. I mean plant in pots (big pots?) for the entire growing season? If so, how do they do in pots? Thanks.

Pinellas Park, FL(Zone 10a)

I do. I have decent success with them. My biggest problem is being very careful of rot. I think drainage is the biggest factor. So, well-drained soil is a necessity. Also, picking a fairly low-growing variety is good, too. Nothing bigger than 4' is usually my thought. Though, one year, I did accidentally put Elsie Huston in a pot and that made her about 6.5' - 7' tall! My pots are pretty big-about 15" around and 20"-ish deep. I put a 4" layer of rocks, mulch, etc at the bottom to allow for better drainage. Then, working up from the bottom, I mix mulch and/or rocks in with dirt-less the further up I go. Does that help? I feel like I left something out.

Belmont, WI(Zone 4b)

I'm giving it a try with large pots and a 50/50 mix of pine bark and potting mix.So far I have 3' tall plants of Bill McNight that I started about Apr 1st in the GH.Since then I have started quite a few more with good luck. Knock on wood.LOL

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

Rita - thanks for starting this thread. I meant to do it a couple of weeks ago LoL.

I have heard of one DGer who has grown them successfully in the ground in 1-gallon pots. Not sure if she did anything special to improve drainage. She gardens in Maryland. I'll look back at some old threads and see if I can find more info.

Issaquah, WA(Zone 7a)

I've grown them in larger shrub size pots- maybe 14" across and a foot high or so. 3-4 footers do fine with a stake, or up against a railing/trellis you can use to support the dahlia. Plenty of room for new tubers and the plants grew very similarly to their counterparts in the garden.

Here's the best article I've ever found online for growing dahlias in pots, outside the ground. I skipped the wire cross supports the second year and it didn't seem to matter at all. My pots are black and needed watering daily at the height of summer. I'd also use the soil polymers as she recommends, to help maintain moisture.

Parkersburg, WV

I have grown a few of them in pots for several years and the only problem I see is they have to have daily watering during heat of summer. Also make sure the pot is big enough to handle top heavy plants. I lost a couple one year do to using a pot that was narrower at the bottom then the top, should have seen that problem but not til it was too big to move, duh!! Live and learn..


Utica, NY(Zone 4b)

I did mine in pots, and yes i have to water them daily..... It's strange...some pots needs wateer daily and some can go a week!


Divernon, IL(Zone 5b)

Silentia in a pot.

Thumbnail by jmorth
Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

Nice color contrasts on that Dahila. Very appealing.

Greensburg, PA

I grow all of mine in pots. Maybe I don't get as many or as large of a flower as those in the ground, but they are more than adequate for us. Also, I don't dig them, just move the pots to the garage when winter starts showing its grim face.

Saves a lot of work.

Ft Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10a)

The few that I do have it pots just received a very hard "prune back". They were getting lethargic looking. Hoping the hard prune springs some life back into them.

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

I have all mine in pots. this is the first year i have ever grown Dahlias in any way, but with my gopher issues i did not want to lose them right off the bat. they do well, have lots of flowers, just have to water a lot as it gets really hot here in the summer. I did have to move the pots from a full sun area to a partial sun area as they got way too hot in the pots and i lost one before i realized why. since moving them they have thrived. my pots are black, about 15 gal size. would like to move them to something bigger next year.

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