San Marcos, TX(Zone 8b)

H.R. 2749: Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009

This will allow the government to regulate how food and seed is grown, harvested, packaged, shipped and sold. They can change the standards at will and set guidelines that only billion dollar companies can meet. Essentially, if the local farmer, farmers markets, CSA donít invest in million dollar processing facilities, they will be shut down. Food grown locally will be outlawed. They can also set guidelines so strict that it will be impossible to grow food organically. Say goodbye to heirloom vegetables since only large corps will be able to clean the seeds appropriately and they will only sell their own patented seeds. This has already passed the House and is going to Senate. Read up on it and help stop it. Section 104 is extremely nasty.

Spiro, OK(Zone 7a)

When is it being voted on?

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San Marcos, TX(Zone 8b)

Last time I checked, it was in sub-committee.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

You can read what is going on here:

San Antonio, United States

No worries. You must have missed this:

Exempts certain establishments that sell food directly to consumers, such as roadside stands, farmers markets or participants in a community supported agriculture program, from specified requirements of this Act.

San Marcos, TX(Zone 8b)

There was another thread on this where we discussed that. If you sell more than half of your produce to a store, you are considered a facility and not exempt. It does not matter how much you produce.

If I grow three peas and sell two to a local health food store, I am a facility and not exempt.

Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

Scary stuff...... :(
Why doesn't the government get that it's not their job to feed people, nor is it their job dictate what's eaten.

Richmond, TX

- When the corporate farms who profit from such legislation stop padding the pockets of their law-makers.

San Marcos, TX(Zone 8b)

Unfortunately, the government is the last defense against the poisonous additives, insecticides and harmful substances in our food supply. Even worse, the bad stuff still gets through because of corruption.

Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

There seems to be a resurgence of small gardeners as the economy goes south. So maybe Monsanto will have competition if we band together on some parts of gardening.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Monsanto is threatening to sue the State of Vermont if they pass the bill requiring all GMO foods in Vermont to be labeled...

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I hope Monsanto loses.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

The government is totally out of control. There are at least 3,500 laws in place right now governing things you wouldn't dream of and therefore many GOOD people who run businesses are getting arrested and jailed.
Makes me want to vomit.
We have a few cows and can't sell one after butchering. Has to be sold live on the hoof. Our angus beef is fed better food that most animals and in 35 years not one person thats eaten it including all of our family has ever gotton sick in any way.
The FDA is a useless gov. entity in my opinion.
OK off the soap box for now.


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