Digging up Amaryllis

New Port Richey, FL

The house I bought two years ago had dozens of NOID pink and red amaryllis growing around and in some cases through various shrubs along the edge of the house. I dug up and replanted several last fall and they're doing well. Unfortunately, it looks like I've got a sinkhole - the area is infested with the things, and if I have to have the foundation pinned and grouted, the work will trash everything on the perimeter of the house. I won't mind losing the boring green shrubs, but I'd like to save some more of the amaryllis if I can. They've just about finished blooming and the leaves are growing well. If I end up having to get the sinkhole repairs done in the next few months, is there any chance of successfully digging up the amaryllis before they go into dormancy and putting them in pots temporarily? Or would it be better to plant them in the yard away from the work, even if that's not where I want them eventually? I'd love to be able to save some more of them if I can. Thanks.

Zephyrhills, FL

Helen, I transplant Hippeastrum year round. In Florida,they always do a little better in the ground,as long as they don't get full sun all day. morning sun is best. The ones I have in the ground grow bigger bulbs in the same amount of time as those in pots. They seem to flower about equally,concerning the number of scapes and flowers,for the same sized bulbs.
If you pop them up with a shovel and get most of the roots,and plant them the same depth,then wash them in with a water hose they'll never miss a beat.

Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

I dig them up and move them year round. Amaryllis are pretty 'forgiving' bulbs in the south .

New Port Richey, FL

Thank you both very much - you set my mind at ease!

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