painted housplant...

Mount Vernon, OH

I have a prayer plant with a problem. I have it sitting by the sink and my hubby decided to wash paint brushes there. Needless to say the latex paint got splashed all over the prayer plant. I tried to just shower it and then tried baking soda and water the leaves. there is a white film and spots all over it. So wondering should I check as a loss and throw it away keeping a cutting or is there something else i can use to clean it?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Maybe try a little bit of rubbing alcohol? If this was latex paint I think that might help remove it. I'd apply with a q-tip or something, that way you can lightly rub with it and see if that gets it off. I'm not sure that tons of rubbing alcohol will be good for the plant so if the paint is all over all the leaves I'd maybe work on it a leaf or two at a time. Or you could always just be patient--any new growth it puts out won't have paint on it so over time as it gets more growth you can remove the painted leaves and eventually it'll be back to looking normal.

Mount Vernon, OH

thanks, will try, I appreciate you taking the time to answer. :o)

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