Online source for 'designer' fabric..??..

Pilot Point, TX(Zone 7b)

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for [online] specialty type stores that sell the more expensive designer type fabric..??..

My DIL has found that the fabrics at Hobby Lobby etc just don't seem to finish up as nice as the designer type fabric. She's making children's clothes among other small; nap mats, etc. We were wondering if the difference was because there are 'more threads per inch"... like there are with the more quality sheets. ?? Dunno...??

ANYWAY...we have a couple of specialty stores available locally, but I wondered if there were others available online..??..

Thanks for suggestions / comments...


Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a) - An all round great site

Hancocks of Paducah - not a discount site, but an excellent site for lots of designers.

also lots of suggestions in the 'sticky' at the top of the forum

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Lowell, IN(Zone 5b) hands down..... I have spent probably over $500 there so far and have not had a bad fabric yet.

(Elizabeth) DFW Area, TX for me, too. If you become a regular customer, they start sending you email coupons for 15 & 20% off your entire purchase - that has amounted to some crazy savings for me.

I bought a bunch of shaggy minkee for almost nothing, once - between the clearance price and the coupon, I think it was $1.60/yd. (reg $14/yd!)

And I recently bought four yards of Robyn Pandolph Beach House 108" wide backing fabric for $3.40/yd. (80% off!)

You can find some really outstanding deals on there and I've never been disappointed in a fabric I've bought from them. Quick shippers, too.

My other addiction is eBay. If she identifies the manufacturer or designer that she wants and then searches eBay for those fabrics, she's going to come up with some great buys on there, too.

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