My efforts toward a mass planting.

Pinon Hills, CA(Zone 8a)

I love trees so I planted some natives along with some non native trees. I have pines, firs, fruit trees, maples, ash, Birch, liquid amber, etc. I guess it's a tree collection/mass planting. The majority of these trees are still young and I am experimenting with some new trees. I kind of want a wooded area but at the same time some nice fall color.

Moberly, MO

Try some under storey trees like redbud, dogwood. Add woodland plants under your trees.

Pinon Hills, CA(Zone 8a)

Good Idea! I'm guessing the trees you mentioned are shade tolerant. I'm going to check these out. Thanks "certified"!

Greenwood, SC

Trees are awesome, they add so much to a landscape -you could try underplanting with spring bulbs too to add some cheerful spring color!

Pinon Hills, CA(Zone 8a)

Yeah trees are my favorite. Good idea with the bulbs "Marlborobulb2". I'll see if I can order some and try them out. I have some California Poppies seeds in the ground right now. I'm waiting until spring to see if they come up.

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