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foxglove and delphinium seeds

Lake Charles, LA

How long does it take for foxglove and delphinium seeds to germinate? Any tips on germinating them would be greatly appreciated.
How long would it take for them to grow and bloom in zone3?

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7b)

I tried foxglove for the first time this year. I started them inside in cells in seed-starting mix about a month ago. They germinated quickly- under 2 wks if I remember right, and almost all sprouted ..but now they seem 'stuck' and aren't growing much, so I haven't planted them outside yet. But that is the same for all of my seedlings, not just the foxgloves. ( i think due to my leaving them out on the porch for some cold-ish nights. ooops!)

I know that some varieties of foxgloves won't bloom until their second year. I think I will try wintersowing outside and see what happens with that next year.

Sorry, I don't know a thing about delphiniums.

Wheaton, IL(Zone 5b)

My foxgloves self-seed in the garden, but they do not bloom the first year - only the second.

I sowed delphinium seeds this year - had nothing coming up after 2-3 weeks on the heat mat. Then I read that they need heat for 3 weeks, and then cold for 3 weeks, then back on the heat for another 2-3 weeks. I was thinking this was too "intense" for me, but since they were already in the cells, and I had nothing after 2 weeks, I stuck the cell pack in a bag food storage bag, tied with a twist tie and put the whole thing in the frig. I forgot about it, but after 2 weeks I checked and amazingly, the seeds had sprouted! I couldn't believe they actually germinated in the frig! I took them out then, put them under the lights in the basement and they are growing just fine. They have been outside a little on the warm days, but I bring my seedlings inside for the nights, as it is too cold. I don't know whether I will have flowers this year or not - this is my first attempt with delphiniums, but I am very happy that the seeds at least germinated! If yours have not germinated with heat, put them in the frig and forget them for awhile! Good luck.

Lake Charles, LA

I haven't planted them yet, Elija. Should I wait until the fall to plant and let them over winter? It is already in the 90's here.

North Pole, AK(Zone 1)

Delphs seeds would probably do best for you in the fall. I've had luck sowing in 6 cell packs, putting the pack in a baggy and putting in the fridge for however many weeks they are there before I remember to take them out...

But they've done best with winter sowing. I've planted anywhere between January and March (I'm much colder then than you ever get) and they germinate and bloom lightly the first year. Subsequent years will yield better blooms. My winter-sown ones are on their 4th or 5th year returning.

I don't think they like a lot of heat....but I'm confused...Louisiana has a zone 3?

Lake Charles, LA

No, I'm asking for someone in PA; however, I want to grow them myself also.

North Pole, AK(Zone 1)

Oh...LOL. I typed my reply, then saw Louisiana/zone 3...???...Gotcha.

PA should winter sow.

Vineland, NJ

I thought I would ask a question here because some of you will know what foxglove seeds look like.
I have never planted foxglove seeds before and recently bought a pack from (what I thought) was a reputable seed company, at flower show. It said the pack contained 18 pellets. I know foxglove seeds are tiny but when I opened the pack I saw one thing that looked like a tiny bean and the rest was "powder" - like pale green talcum powder or pollen. I think I must have gotten the dregs of the packaging process or perhaps the seeds had somehow been crushed.
I googled "foxglove seeds" to get some idea of what they should look like - but it was nothing like what I saw. It was impossible to plant this powder as what didn't stick to my hand just blew away.

As I am living in the US and bought the seeds here, I called the US office of the company and they told me they had no idea what the seeds should look like (!) because it was the first year they sold this variety and that I should contact an agricultural agent to find out if he/she might know. So I contacted the parent company/head office in the UK (where the seeds originated) and I have had no response in a month now.
(I am doubly mad as I am British and expect good service from this company!)

Can anyone possibly describe what the typical foxglove seeds looks like?
The package I bought was Digitalis Camelot Rose F1 Hybrid.
Thank you.

Lake Charles, LA

The ones I have are Candy Mountain and they are very tiny and brown. I don't know what the pelleted seeds would look like.

Vineland, NJ

Thanks to both of you for the comments regarding seeds.
Whatever it was that was in my seed packet did not resemble those small brown seeds at all.
I'm not sure what a "pellet" is either, but I would guess it would be slightly bigger than the seeds, not powderlike.

Lake Charles, LA

My tomato seeds were encased in a tiny round white ball. I suppose this is what a pellet is. It could not be powder. That bag didn't get filled right.

Vineland, NJ

I've contacted the seed company three times and they still haven't responded.

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